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Problems That Can Undo Your Air-Conditioning System

Problems That Can Undo Your Air-Conditioning System

Problems That Can Undo Your Air-Conditioning SystemYou rely on your air-conditioning system to stay comfortable all summer, but there are several problems that can undo your air-conditioning system. Fortunately, for each problem, there is a remedy you can seek to get your air conditioner working optimally again. Here’s a look at some common problems and their solutions.

Improper refrigerant charge

  • Cause: Either the air-conditioning system was charged incorrectly at installation or there is a leak. Refrigerant leaks can harm the environment, so they should be addressed promptly.
  • Solution: Call a technician to fix the leak, test the repair, and charge the system correctly. The performance of your air-conditioning system depends on it.

Dirty components

  • Cause: Neglect and inadequate maintenance are the reasons that an air conditioner becomes dirty and works improperly. This can lead to early compressor or fan failure.
  • Solution: Schedule annual maintenance so your air-conditioning system is serviced by a professional at least once a year.

Electric control failure

  • Cause: Overly frequent cycling is the main cause of electric control failure, a situation that is common in oversized systems. Wire and terminal corrosion can also cause this problem.
  • Solution: Before choosing an air-conditioning system for your home, have it properly sized by a knowledgeable technician. Then, have the unit serviced regularly so corroded contacts can be replaced.

Sensor problems

  • Cause: A sensor that has been knocked out of position may cause it to cycle constantly or adopt erratic behavior.
  • Solution: The sensor should be near the evaporator coil, but it should not touch it. You can adjust the position of the sensor by bending the wire responsible for holding it in place. A technician can also complete this task if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Drainage issues

  • Cause: Excessively humid days utilize the air-conditioning system’s dehumidifying function to remove moisture from the air, but a clogged drain may prevent the water from draining properly.
  • Solution: Check the condensate drain, and call your local contractor if it’s clogged.

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