Don’t Forget One of the Most important Reasons You Need Air Conditioning: Your Pets!

We all brag about surviving temperature extremes: the time we went hiking in the summer heat, or the cold weather your relative endured on their last trip to Chicago. But the one family member who physically can’t handle a home that is too hot or too cold? Your pet. Don’t make them suffer when they don’t have to during these hot summer months. Make sure your AC is working, even when you’re not home. National Shelter Engagement Director for the Michelson Found Animals Foundation Gina Knepp recommends, “If you have air conditioning and can afford it, I recommend you keep it baseline comfortable.”

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“Hey, I like it cool too!”

After all, did you know that dogs cannot perspire? They release heat only through panting, and through their paw pads and nose. As with older humans too, older dogs have even more trouble regulating body temperature. In other words? Don’t force your dog to endure the summer heat just because you’re away at work.

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“Fine. Must I hire the HVAC company or were you going to?”

Cats, on the other hand, regulate their body temperature differently, licking their coats and grooming themselves to cool down. Just as with other pets, however, it’s essential to provide a cat with a cool spot during the heat of the day where they can get out of the sun. This is even more true for older kitties, who will struggle to remain comfortable if faced with temp extremes.

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“Gee, it sounds like the condenser is on. Why aren’t we inside?”

Remember to change your HVAC filters regularly, however, with pets in the home. Fur and dander can clog the system and lessen air flow, making it more expensive and more difficult to  keep things cool. Luckily air filters are readily available online and at your local hardware store, and easily swapped out at home.

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Some dogs will melt faster than others.

Finally, make sure you provide your pet with fresh water at all times, indoors or out. Remember, they can’t ask for what they need- they depend upon us to provide it. Offering your pet the indoor comfort you yourself enjoy is only fair as a responsible pet owner in Southern California. Your furry boy or girl will appreciate it!


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