Comfort Prevails With Zoning Systems

Comfort Prevails With Zoning Systems

We’ve all been frustrated by inconsistent temperatures in our homes. From the California climate to the number of windows in any given room, there are numerous variables that can affect room-to-room temperature. Unfortunately, addressing this problem with a traditional thermostat can be nearly impossible.

That’s where zoned temperature control comes in. With zoning systems, you can actually separate your household into various temperature zones, each with a dedicated thermostat. This gives you the power to distribute conditioned air to each zone of your home as needed, without sacrificing comfort in any given zone.

For example, if you have trouble cooling your upstairs bedroom without freezing in the downstairs den, you can simply separate the two levels of your home into dedicated temperature zones and set your thermostats accordingly.

Zoning systems can address a number of household temperature issues, including:

  • Temperature fluctuations due to climate conditions or the time of day
  • Temperature variations from one level to the next
  • Out-of-the-way spaces such as finished rooms in the basement, attic or garage
  • Rooms containing several windows, such as a sun room
  • Larger rooms that may require more conditioning due to lofts, vaulted ceilings, etc.
  • Family arguments over thermostat settings

Zoning systems also provide a means of controlling energy consumption. In addition to the energy saved by better controlling conditioned air distribution, you can adjust your zones to reflect family routines. For instance, if no one uses the upstairs during the first half of the day, the thermostat for that zone can be turned back.

For even more flexibility, zoned temperature control can be used in conjunction with programmable thermostats, a combination that can save you as much as 30 percent in annual energy costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

If inconsistent room-to-room temperature is a problem in your household, zoning systems can provide the solution. For more information, contact the trained technicians of Air-Tro Heating & Air Conditioning today for an expert consultation.

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