Did You Like R2D2 in Star Wars? You Might Love This HVAC Robot!

HVAC Robot Personalizes Air Conditioning and Heating Comfort

Today, air conditioning is a given in most homes across the San Gabriel Valley. As temperatures increase outside, who among us doesn’t enjoy feeling cool and refreshed inside with the latest in HVAC technology?

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Would you be comfortable with this guy following you around?

Get ready for the next level of convenience with the invention of RoCo, the new personal air conditioning cooling unit developed by University of Maryland research scientist Dr. Reinhard Radermacher and his team at the University of Maryland’s Center for Environmental Energy. Compared to the beloved character R2D2 of Star Wars fame, the “Roving Comforter,” or RoCo for short, is designed to see, sense and comfort their human users with cool or hot air when and where they need it. It even talks.

A Little Inspiration to Reduce Perspiration

Self propelled, RoCo would lower air conditioning costs by carefully targeting its efforts to a particular person and location, rather than simply reducing the ambient temperature of a home or workspace overall. Created in conjunction with the Delivering Efficient Thermal Amenities at the Department of Energy, RoCo is part of a larger effort to combine private sector innovation with public sector funds and nationwide energy goals. The plan would be to retail the product for around $60, making it a must-have accessory for office workers as well as residential users.

Forget the Sofa, You Need an Air Conditioned Easy Chair

Along with your home cooling or heating robot, you may also see a personal air conditioned lounge chair sometime in the future, if scientists at the University of California at Berkeley are able to bring their research project to fruition. Coupled with an ice cold lemonade and a remote control for the television, little else would be needed to ensure your total relaxation on an otherwise hot and muggy day.

Less Bickering, Cheaper Home Cooling Costs

What does it all mean? Scientists foresee lowered energy costs, and perhaps fewer arguments over the thermostat. And who knows? Maybe someday soon, Air-tro won’t just specialize in the latest technologies for heating and cooling your home or office. We’ll also be delivering easy chairs and robots to our customers-hopefully via hovercraft.


We don’t have robots in stock yet! But we do have the latest air conditioning and heating products available to keep your home or office comfortable. Give us a call at 626-357-3535 and schedule your consultation today.