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Extreme Weather Events Underscore Importance of Air Conditioning for Basic Human Health and Comfort

Comfort Systems Aren’t Just About Convenience. They Save Lives.

Air-Tro helps clients make sure their HVAC systems, air conditioning units, and air filters are in tip-top shape.

During extreme weather events, we’re often glued to our television screens watching the brave responders and courageous survivors struggle against the wind, rain, and other elements. We are heartened to see the overwhelming national outpouring of support and volunteer efforts that remind us of the American penchant for great generosity and caring, no matter what our differences. And since we’re in the air conditioning industry, we’re always reminded of the importance of HVAC systems and HVAC equipment not just for plain old comfort, but for overall health as well.

Air Conditioning Keeps Those at Risk for Temperature Stress Safe

Did you know that senior citizens do not adjust as well to temperature extremes as younger people? Not only are they more likely to become dangerously dehydrated during a heat event, but frequently older adults have chronic health conditions that can affect normal physical responses to hot weather.

Many common medications prescribed to seniors can also affect how well their bodies can regulate internal temperature. With age, the body may lose the ability to sweat. Also, any degenerative cognitive condition may prevent them from recognizing their own increasing discomfort.

The importance of a properly functioning air conditioning unit or HVAC system can help save your life or the life of a loved one.

Dangerous Heat Waves Require Smart HVAC System Solutions

As researchers demonstrated in studying the 1995 Chicago heatwave and other high-temperature events, air conditioning is a must for the elderly. Also, anyone with cardiovascular disease or a compromised immune system can benefit too. The right HVAC equipment can help prevent many hot weather deaths.

There’s a reason why immediately after the events in Houston, rescuers and community organizers began to search desperately for shelter facilities with working air conditioning systems to accommodate the thousands of now homeless families and displaced invalids. It wasn’t just to keep them comfortable, but to keep them alive.

Air Conditioning Helps People with Respiratory Problems

Like so many extreme weather survivors, do you or someone you love suffer sinus problems, breathing issues or even asthma as a result of mold, allergen or particulate exposure? Studies have shown that the long-term presence of these allergens can not only affect your breathing, but also lower your immune system’s strength over time.

Don’t take a chance with your health or that of your loved ones. Many HVAC systems today offer the kind of air filtration and sanitizer options that allergy sufferers of past decades could only dream about. Talk to your Air-Tro consultant today about smart ways to reduce your exposure to dangerous outdoor irritants coming inside your home. Today’s HVAC technology means better health and better breathing for everyone!

Life is precious. Remember to let your loved ones know how you feel about them, every day of every year. Be kind whenever possible. And if you or a loved one is at risk, call your friendly HVAC professional today. And ask them about cost-effective solutions that will not only improve your health, but perhaps save yours or the life of a loved one during a heatwave.

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