Seal The Leaks In Your Ductwork — You’ll Plug A Drain On Your Pocketbook

Seal The Leaks In Your Ductwork — You’ll Plug A Drain On Your Pocketbook

Leaky ductwork is a major cause of home energy inefficiency. If you have a forced-air HVAC system in your home, running your air conditioner or heater when you have leaks in your ducts essentially causes the entire system to work harder than it would otherwise have to in order to cool or warm your home to the desired level. This is because conditioned air is escaping through the leaks before it can be delivered to the rooms in your home.

Rising energy bills aren’t the only problem that can be caused by leaky ductwork, either. You may also experience temperature spotting — that is, areas that don’t get cool or warm enough, or areas that get cooler or warmer than others. This occurs because of duct leaks in localized areas, resulting in the escape of heated or cooled air from the ductwork servicing a specific part of your home.

Industry experts estimate that in an average home, approximately 20 percent of conditioned air escapes through leaks in ducts before it can be forced through your vents into the rooms of your home. You can eliminate this inefficiency by sealing and insulating your home’s ductwork. Duct insulation helps trap conditioned air inside the ducts themselves, inhibiting the transfer of heat and preventing warm air from escaping or cool air from being heated up by its surroundings.

It may be possible for you to seal exposed ducts on your own, such as those that are located in your garage or basement, crawlspace or attic. However, the vast majority of ducts in a typical house are inaccessible except with highly-specialized equipment and the help of a specially-trained professional. This is an avenue you’ll want to consider if your DIY efforts failed to have a beneficial effect on your energy bills or home comfort.

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