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Staying Cool in Hot Weather: Helping Your HVAC Help You

Air Conditioning Works, But Cool Beverages Are Good Too

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A friend at Air-Tro tells a story about growing up in Southern California next to a neighbor with a big, beautiful swimming pool. Every summer, the sounds of the neighbors splashing around in their pool would drift over to her own pool-less back yard, making the temperature outside seem even hotter without one. As a result, she still associates the season with being mostly sweaty, and feeling somewhat deprived.

So everybody has a different experience when it comes to California heat waves. Some folks prefer to get outside and get wet, while others would rather stay cool indoors. Either way, managing the heat is important for health and safety, however effective your air conditioning may be. Here’s a list of tips to help you through the hottest days.

Stay hydrated.

This is super important, especially for older folks, who may not feel as thirsty as their younger counterparts. Seniors also may experience more difficulty staying hydrated as a result of health issues like diabetes or intake of diuretics. Make sure that Grandma and Grandpa not only stay indoors when it’s steamy, but also enjoy frequent refreshment breaks throughout the day. Exercisers and those working or playing outdoors also need to be conscious of liquid intake for optimal health.

Change your air conditioner’s air filter.

A clean, fresh air filter without a lot of dust and debris clogging it will ensure regular airflow throughout your HVAC system. During an especially hot day, this is extremely important. You’ll breathe better, and enjoy maximum performance from your air conditioner.

Pets need cool air too.

Animals are no different than the rest of us when it comes to a hot, uncomfortable day. Make sure your dog or cat always has access to fresh water, and has a cool place to rest during heat waves. If they’re an outdoor pet, consider letting them inside the kitchen or laundry room during the hottest period of the day. They’ll love it, and you’ll know you’re treating them with the love and respect they deserve as your family’s furry friend.

Shut the drapes.

When you know it’s going to be an extra hot day, help your air conditioner keep your home cool by shutting the blinds or curtains ahead of time in the sunnier rooms of your home. Similarly, consider keeping your thermostat lower during the evening hours. By keeping your home colder at night, you’re reducing the temperature of your floors and walls. In turn, you’ll be helping your home lower the overall indoor temperature the following day. The fan should run at all times for maximum efficiency as well.

Schedule HVAC maintenance, if you haven’t already.

Leaky ductwork or a debris-clogged outdoor unit can spell disaster during the summer months. Head off a system shut down or expensive repair with a little planning ahead. Our super qualified technicians can help you avoid big problems with a routine inspection and regular maintenance.

So as an adult remembering her Southern California childhood, our Air-Tro friend made sure she and her husband recently purchased a house with a nice big pool in the back yard. Of course, with an advanced HVAC system from Air-Tro, their home is always crisp and cool in the summer. Imagine her surprise when none of her kids wanted to spend time outside during a heat wave: it was far too nice inside on the sofa enjoying the air conditioning.

Ahhh, kids….

Enjoy indoor comfort all year round with HVAC products, service and repairs from Air-Tro. We’ve been keeping California comfortable since 1969! (626) 357-3535.