Some Tips for More Efficient A/C

Some Tips for More Efficient A/CAre you shocked by the high price of keeping your home cool in the summer? You could turn the A/C off, but do you really want to suffer through the heat because your unit isn’t working as efficiently as possible? Use these tips to get improve the efficiency of your A/C so you can enjoy a comfortable home without draining your wallet.

Get Your System Clean

The dirt and grime that can build up in the coils in your air conditioner lead to a decrease in efficiency. The good news about a dirty unit is that you can put some elbow grease into cleaning up your system for savings. It’s best to make cleaning out your unit a priority each year. Dirty air conditioners not only run less efficiently, but these units are also more likely to need repairs.

Check For Leaky Ducts

Air leaks could be letting cool air out of your home. If you feel like you’re blasting the air conditioning without feeling the cool air, it’s possible that there is an air leak somewhere in the ducts. Professional technicians can identify the source of the leaks and seal them up for improved efficiency and lower bills. You may need new ducts if the damage is significant.

Sizing Your System

Did you know that your A/C system could actually be too small for your home? If this is the case, you’ll see higher bills due to inefficiency. You’ll also be placing a lot of pressure on the system, and air conditioning systems that are running at full capacity and beyond wear out quickly. The best way to avoid a sizing issue is by having a professional evaluate the needs in your home. Technicians are also able to properly install systems to avoid an inefficient design.

Improving the Efficiency of Your A/C

Now that you understand how important it is to keep your air conditioning maintained and properly installed for maximum efficiency, you can call Air-Tro Inc. for help. The HVAC company has been helping residents of Monrovia and the surrounding areas stay cool for more than 40 years.

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