Air Filters: the Kanye West Part to Your Kim Kardashian Air Conditioner

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HVAC and disco balls: one keeps you comfortable, the other keeps you glamorous!

Forgive the silly headline, but sometimes we find folks seem to tune out when we start talking air conditioning jargon, especially if they think they already know what we’re going to say. But judging from the number of problems we see as a result of this issue, well, heck, maybe we need an HVAC reality show too!

Air Filters Are Mission Critical

Here’s the deal. Your air conditioner has an air filter attached to it, one that ensures the air blowing into your house is cleaner than most everything you might see on television prime time nowadays (actually, a lot cleaner). Besides blocking out pollutants, harmful bacteria and allergens, however, the air filter also plays a critical role in the smooth operation of your entire HVAC system. If you don’t change the air filter regularly, you can experience problems like the following:

More Frequent Operation, More Cost to You

Air conditioning is programmed to operate in cycles throughout the day, rather than continuously. The more cycles = the more expense. When your air filter gets dirty, it signals to your system that more frequent cycles are needed, without regard to actual indoor temperature. Besides costing a lot more, your ambient temperature may be cooler than you want it to be, too. Clean filters ensure your HVAC system will cycle normally and only as needed.

Freezing Coils: Wear and Tear That Can Damage Your System

Clean air filters let fresh air travel freely in and out of your HVAC system. Dirty air filters mean that air is more likely to be restricted, building up in the system unnecessarily and lowering the temperature of the coils, if not actually freezing them.

Uneven Air Temperature: Uncomfortable and Expensive

Clean air filters let your air conditioner’s cooling system function exactly as it was designed to. However, a dirty air filter can result in uneven dispersal of cold air, leaving some rooms far colder than others. As you can guess, this also turns into wasted energy, as your system cools some areas to excess, while resulting in other areas being uncomfortably warm.

Don’t Let Poor Quality Air Happen to You

It almost goes without saying, but a dirty air filter means the potentially harmful pollutants, allergens and breathing irritants your system normally removes aren’t screened out as effectively, if at all. When you consider that more than 1 million children and adults in Los Angeles County have been diagnosed with asthma, many as a direct result of poor air quality, changing out an air filter regularly takes on new and urgent importance.

Pretty exciting, huh? We think so. Keeping California comfortable is our mission here at Air-Tro. Simply changing your air filter 2-3 times a year can make a big difference when it comes to maintaining and prolonging the life of your HVAC system for years to come. How long has the Kardashian family been in the news, anyway? We have no idea, but we can tell you our company has been around since 1969, serving customers just like you with the five star service and technical expertise they’ve come to depend upon.

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