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Do HVAC Air Filters Really Matter? 

We Set You Straight on Two Powerful Solutions for Healthier Air

HVAC air filter, indoor comfort
“Eew, gross.”

For the realist, lots of bells and whistles are often not necessary, when it really comes down to it. A car that gets you where you need to go, shoes that feel comfortable, and an air conditioner that just keeps you cool might seem like just a few examples of products where simplicity is perfectly fine.

That may be true, except with air conditioning.  Why? It comes down to air quality. The fact is that high quality filtration for your HVAC will result in measurably cleaner air, less pollen, and fewer viral particles floating around inside your home. In other words, great air quality starts with whole-house air filtration.However, you may have noticed that there are a lot of choices and hype around certain kinds of air filtration products and equipment. How to choose, you may wonder.

We have two products we’d like you to meet.

First, say hello to the media filter. The same thickness of a typical 1” filter of any MERV rating, the media filter allows you to have the same high performance filtration levels without the problems that typically accompany a regular high-MERV air filter. There are none of the airflow problems and unlike a regular air filter, you also get odor control too. Remote VOC smells are removed. The media filters have more surface area than a regular air filter and even better, they only need changing once or twice a year.

UV air filtration is another useful tool for cleaner household air. These products sanitize the air traveling through your HVAC system using powerful UV light. Placed in your air conditioner, furnace or ductwork, ultraviolet light actually kills all bacteria, viruses and any other organic material floating through. Used originally in hospitals, these filters are now increasingly popular within the residential marketplace. If you or a family member struggle with respiratory problems, asthma or seasonal allergies, it’s a sensible upgrade to your existing HVAC system.

Whatever you choose, know that the right HVAC modifications can make a difference when it comes to air quality. With increasing fire danger, drought, dust and pollens in the Southland, many homeowners are making the move towards better air filtration for their heating and air conditioning.

Ask your HVAC technician for more information. Budget sneakers may be just fine for walking around, but when it comes to good health, cleaner indoor air makes sense for everyone.

Get the indoor air filtration specialists at Air-Tro  for high quality HVAC at your home or office. Call us today at (626)357-3535.