The Weather Stripping Challenge: Year-Round Savings in a Few Hours

Take The Weather Stripping Challenge To Lower Your AC Bills

Getting Weather Stripping Can Be A Great Choice

If you’ve contemplated getting weather strips for your home, then you should know that it’s a good choice, especially if you are currently having problems with drafts and higher electricity bills than normal.

The biggest reason people will use weather strips is because of the fact that it helps to weatherproof their home and keep the heat and cold outdoors where it belongs. Homes can easily come apart at the seams as they age, especially in places like the windows or doors, where cracks and spaces may open up, causing the outside air to go inside.

Even if there is space between the window installation and the wall, the window still may not be closing tightly enough and allows air to come through, so weather strips would be great to put within the window to keep air from passing through it.

Any place that air can escape out of a room is a place that needs to get weather strips, especially if you intend to lower your heating and cooling costs. Examined the entire home, and determine which rooms and spaces have a need for weather strips.

You’ll Notice The Difference

Take the Weather Stripping Challenge!Once weather strips are put into place in your home, you’ll easily notice the difference, especially with your electricity bill. Here are other things that you’ll notice as well:

  • A room will stay warmer or cooler when the central air is on
  • Each room can maintain its temperature much easier
  • There will no longer be drafts in the home
  • Your electricity bill will be slashed
  • The central air can heat or cool the home quicker

Room Stays Warm Or Cool-

Once e central air is turned on, then a room is heated up or cooled down, and it can stay warm longer when there is not warm or cool air seeping out of the room through the spaces or cracks that can be found in the windows or doors in the home.

Once the spaces are sealed and the window is closed tightly as well as the door, then the room can stay warm for a long time, sometimes for hours before you’ll need to turn on the central air again to heat up the room or cool it down.

Maintained Room Temperature-

Room temperatures can easily be maintained when weather strips are used to seal up cracks and spaces, and this means that all the air stays in the room, and none is escaping, so you can expect the room temperature to stay the same for a while.

This theory can even be tested if you have a thermostat that keeps a record of the temperature in the room, and once you turn off the central air, see how long the room stays the same temperature before it changes. This test should be done before and after weather strips are put into a particular room or throughout the home.

No More Drafts-

You’ll love the fact that you can go near a window or door and not feel any cold air when you’re trying to warm up your room or warm air when you want the room to stay cool. It’s pretty bad if you are trying to stay warm in the winter and feel nothing but cold air coming from your window because of a draft or hot air from the draft when your A/C is running.

If you choose to put a draft stopper at the bottom of your door, even if it’s a tight fit, you can prevent even more air from escaping the room, keeping the room at an even temperature and avoiding drafts completely.

Lower Electricity Bill-

Everyone likes having lower electricity bills, and those who are trying to find any way possible to cut back on electricity use will be glad to know that putting in weather strips can help to even out the temperature in the home when the central air is running, so the central air is used less, and you save more. Compare what you used to pay on electricity bills to what you’ll be paying after you install weather strips if you want to prove that you are saving money.

Quicker Heating And Cooling-Pasadena, CA weather-stripping-2

It’s much easier to heat up a room that has no drafts, isn’t letting out air and has no large spaces underneath the door because it’s like the room is sealed. If a window or door in the room has weather strips, then it’s preventing air from coming in or escaping, and the room will heat up a lot quicker, especially when the elements from outside are not constantly fighting you when you’re trying to heat or cool room with the central air.

Since the room will heat up quicker, you can use less energy running the central air, which also will save you money in the end. You’ll also be glad to know that once you get the room to the right temperature, you can expect it to stay steady for a while because of the fact that weather strips are in place to keep the air in and drafts out.

Are You Ready To Get Weather Stripping?

If you’re finally ready to get weather strips, then you still have a lot of decisions to make because there are multiple types of weather strips being sold on the market.

Those who want to get weather strips that are somewhat decorative can choose metal or even rubber stripping. Those that are looking to save money may want to choose ones made of foam.

There are lots of choices of weather strips, so get your HVAC specialists involved when you’re ready to weatherproof your home, especially before the upcoming summer months and the freezing winter months. Since you should have your HVAC unit checked every year, inquire with your specialist when they come out to check on your unit about weather strips.

Weather stripping is a great way to become a green homeowner. For even more efficiency, call a specialist of Air-Tro Inc. in Pasadena, CA at (626) 357-3535.