A Positive Role Model for our Youth: The Monrovia-Duarte Black Alumni Association

Through our growing relationship with the Monrovia-Duarte Black Alumni Association (MDBAA), Air-Tro is delighted to support the education and advancement of African American youth in the Monrovia and Duarte communities.

The Monrovia-Duarte Black Alumni Association (MDBAA) Organization is a non-profit organization and has been in existence since 1992. The purpose of the MDBAA is to establish unity, solidarity, and give support to their peers, to be positive role models for our youth, to establish scholarship funds for Monrovia and Duarte High School students and to honor their memorial deceased alumni.

MDBAA College Students

Their primary goal is to provide high school students with information to help them make their college decision. They do this by providing information about preparation, costs, and college ranking. Also, the MDBAA sets up annual meetings with current college grads and students who will share their campus life journey with these high school students.


Air-Tro is proud to support those making a difference in our local community. You may also learn more about the MDBAA’s cause and support them here.

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