Supporting this year’s “At-home Chalk Festival on Thanksgiving”

Chalksgiving 2021

Creativity never ends….

Despite the world’s ongoing pandemic in 2020, Monrovia Association of Fine Arts (MAFA) continued to support the spirit of creativity.

The year’s theme was “What We’re Thankful For”; however, artists were able to choose their own theme as long as it is family-friendly.

For over 50 years, MAFA has worked tirelessly and continuously to enrich the community’s lives by bringing fine arts to the community. Not only do they bring art to the community, but they also do it virtually. They religiously promote local artists and provide mentoring that encourages young people to experience art.

It’s indeed Fun! It’s Free! It’s Family and most of all It’s a Thanksgiving Treat!

Air-Tro was proud to support this event and those making a difference in our local community.

All Monrovia residents were invited to join this artistic event.