Air-Tro Heating and Air Conditioning Now Offers HERO Financing in Select Southern California Areas

Air-Tro Heating and Air Conditioning Now Offers HERO Financing in Select Southern California Areas

The Partnership Allows Property Owners to Enjoy Energy Efficient Homes due to Affordable Financing

Air-Tro Heating and Air ConditioningAir-Tro Heating and Air Conditioning, a company that specializes in cooling and heating equipment, repairs, installs, and maintenance, recently announced its decision to offer HERO financing to property owners in southern California communities.

HERO is a partnership between business and local government that enables property owners to make their homes more energy and water efficient by providing them with affordable financing for a range of home improvements. Property owners pay for the improvements along with their property taxes over five to 20 years. The HERO Financing Program provides homeowners with a unique opportunity to make home energy improvements through property tax financing, and benefits include five to 20 year terms, tax-deductible interest, transferability when the property is sold, and consumer protections.

By introducing the HERO program, Air-Tro Heating and Air Conditioning has made a positive impact on its community. For example, one Chino Hills resident, Gabriel D., wanted to replace his old wall heater with a new central heating and air conditioning system. He wanted the greater safety, improved comfort and increased property value that central air conditioning would provide. Through the combined efforts of Air-Tro Heating and Air Conditioning and the HERO program, he was able to qualify right away.

Like thousands of other homeowners in California using HERO financing Gabriel and his family can enjoy their Southern California home comfortably all year long with new, energy efficient equipment.

“Now, for the first time, HERO is coming to Los Angeles County,” noted a representative of Air-Tro, Inc. Air Conditioning & Heating. On, clients can check to see to see if their city is one of those rolling the HERO program out to their citizens. Additionally, anyone can contact Air-Tro to find out if they apply. Don’t miss this chance to bring your home comfort up to the 21st century.”

Through Air-Tro Heating and Air Conditioning, homeowners can obtain new, high-quality energy efficient HVAC systems. The company is well known for its speed, professionalism, quality work, and extensive experience in indoor air quality.

Individuals interested in learning more about Air-Tro Heating and Air Conditioning and its services can visit the company’s website for more information. Customers are also welcome to subscribe to Air-Tro’s Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts for frequent updates from the company.

About The Hero Program and Air-Tro Heating and Air Conditioning:

The HERO Program is a private-public partnership that enables any city or County to offer Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing to Property Owners within their community. The Program is privately funded, and requires no cost outlays by the participating communities. HERO has been adopted by more than 120 Cities in California, funded more than $125 million in energy and water efficiency projects, and created more than 2500 jobs to date. To learn more about HERO, visit

Air-Tro Heating and Air Conditioning has been taking care of the San Gabriel Valley since 1969. The all-in-one full-service company provides factory trained technicians, state of the art diagnostics and equipment as well as the leading brands and parts for custom installs, repairs and maintenance. The award-winning company is widely known for their quality, speed and unparalleled customer support. For more information, please visit

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