Air-Tro Question of the Week: Do You Have Dusty Ducts?  

Because HVAC is About Indoor Air Quality, Too 

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It’s no secret. Lately in our routine inspections and air conditioner repair calls for our residential clients here in Monrovia, Glendale, Los Angeles and beyond, we’re seeing a lot more dusty ducts than ever before. How does this happen and what to do about it, you ask? 

Well, it’s pretty simple, actually. 

First? It starts with all the smoke, dust, dander, and overall air pollution in Southern California, particularly since there has been less rain this year to tamp it all down. While the EPA reports that concentrations of carbon monoxide, certain kinds of lead, particulate matter and sulfur dioxide have decreased nationwide since 1990, Los Angeles and its surrounding environs report worsening air quality in 2022. In fact, we enjoy the dubious honor of being first in the nation for ozone pollution and eighth nationwide for fine particle pollution (golf claps). 

Coupled with fires, winds and other inclement weather conditions, the amount of sheer junk floating around our air right now is not pleasant to contemplate. And quite frankly, some of it is getting in your HVAC ductwork. 

Here’s what you can do to solve dusty ducts by removing the dust and improving air quality in your home: 

Change your air filters regularly to improve dusty ducts. We say that a lot in this space, but it’s never been more important. Luckily, air filters are available and relatively inexpensive on many websites and in hardware stores. Replace these at least every 3 months, probably monthly if you have pets and/or members of your household who are sensitive to allergies. 

Next, check for leaks to your ductwork. Open areas between ducts or incomplete seals can let extra dust and debris into the system, as well as create inefficient airflow and systemic HVAC problems. It won’t do any good to clean your ducts if you have leaks, as the dust will just come back within a few air conditioning cycles. 

Finally, clean your ductwork to take care of dusty ducts. This can be done by a professional or can be a do-it-yourself project too. If you do hire a professional, make sure you get an HVAC professional, as typical maintenance workers often break, dent, or disrupt existing ductwork in the process of cleaning it, leaving it more exposed and prone to dirt accumulation than before. 

If you do it yourself, remove the vent covers and clean them. Cover the vent openings with paper towels, as well as the openings to your supply registers. Using a longer vacuum attachment, dislodge the accumulation of dirt and dust on the sides of your ductwork, and then simply vacuum it up. Put the vent covers back on, and add in the new air filter. Assuming you haven’t dislodged anything or disrupted a seal, you’re done.




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