Understanding The EnergyGuide Label

energyguide label los angeles californiaThe purpose of the yellow EnergyGuide label found on new appliances is to help you compare the energy efficiency of various different models of a particular appliance. Models with high energy efficiency save you money on energy costs and are better for the environment. Understanding the EnergyGuide label is essential if you’re shopping for a new appliance.

The EnergyGuide label is divided into three sections. Each section gives you specific information about the appliance and its energy usage. 

Features and manufacturing information
Just below the EnergyGuide logo are two important pieces of information. The features of the appliance are listed on the left-hand side. On the right side, the maker, model and size give you precise information about the appliance you’re looking at.

Estimated yearly operating cost
This information is found in the middle section of the EnergyGuide label. The large number in the center is an estimate of what you may pay per year to operate the appliance. This estimate is based on how much electricity the appliance uses and the average cost of energy nationwide. Below this number is a graphic that shows you the range of estimated yearly operating costs for similar models of the appliance. By looking at where a particular model lands within this range, you can determine whether there are more energy-efficient models available.

Estimated yearly electricity use
The third section of the EnergyGuide label features a number that represents an estimate of the amount of electricity that the appliance will use in a year. This estimate is based on the typical use of the appliance. If you multiply this number by your local electricity rate per kilowatt-hour, you will get a better idea of how much the appliance will cost to operate.

On the bottom right side of the third section, you may see the Energy Star logo. This logo tells you that the appliance uses less energy than other similar models, making it better for the environment and for your pocketbook.

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