New Decade, New HVAC Pictures from Around the Web

From Energy Efficiency to Solar Cats, Here’s a Pop Culture Snapshot of  Today’s HVAC Concerns

Like everyone else, we’re on the web most every day, both for business and entertainment.  Whether it’s reading about the latest in technology breakthroughs for variable-motor powered commercial heating and cooling systems, or just advice on how to conserve energy around the home, HVAC is a part of everyone’s daily life here in the Southland, 365 days a year. Whether intentionally or not, these four photos seemed particular prescient in the way they captured very real issues in heating and air conditioning for both residential and commercial customers in 2020.

Indoor Comfort
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What’s Happening with Your Energy Bill

Many families are concerned about saving money as we head into a new decade, and reducing overall household energy spend is a great way to start. This parent took matters into their own hands with this reminder by the thermostat. But are there easier ways? Chances are a quick energy audit around your house might reveal some real opportunities for overall conservation without having to bank on your teenagers’ conscientiousness. From moving an armchair pushed against a heating vent, to repairing a broken window, to switching out an air filter you’ve had in place for over a year, simple changes can often yield big results when it comes to heating and cooling your home.

Get Ready for Solar Power

Energy Efficiency

We don’t know if kitty cat panels are a thing, but even installed on your roof, solar equipment can save you real money in the long run when it comes to HVAC. As the world searches for cheaper, cleaner energy alternatives , there are already plenty of proven benefits to these new systems. While the initial investment can be pricey, if your home or business fits the criteria necessary for effective solar panel placement (with or without cats), you may be able to reduce your utility spend by as much as $20,000 in a 10 year period for an average size home in the San Gabriel Valley.

Still Fighting Over the Thermostat?

Commercial HVAC

If your office is in West Covina,  Duarte, or Pasadena, effective air conditioning during the summer is no longer optional. The facts are in that workplace productivity is directly tied to indoor comfort.  Furthermore, no one wants to lease an office or an apartment in a building with faulty HVAC. Studies have shown that commercial and residential properties that feature green building upgrades and effective indoor comfort enjoy greater long-term tenancy rates and higher sale prices than those without.

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Use Only Professional HVAC Consultants and Technicians

HVAC fail
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Finally, we can’t emphasize enough how important this last tip is. Don’t trust your HVAC equipment, whether residential or commercial, to anyone less than an expert. Frankly, no matter how conscientious or well-meaning, a handyman is not up to date on the latest best practices for maintenance, upkeep and repair to your HVAC system. Holes in the carpet for the vents are not enough.


What you save in short term labor costs is almost always compromised by later expense in fixing serious mistakes that compound over time. Whether it’s ductwork that was installed incorrectly, to using the wrong filters, or overlooking a small repair that will later shut down your entire HVAC system, the technology utilized today for heating and cooling is far too advanced for someone who isn’t an expert.

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