Pros and Cons: Proposal by Sacramento for Residential HVAC Users May Spell Bad News for California Homeowners

San Gabriel Valley Pushes Back Against Natural Gas Ban for HVAC in Local Homes and Businesses

clean air, hvac, indoor airEveryone wants clean power for California homes and businesses, right? After all, the consequences of pollution affect everyone. Smog is no fun: for office workers, for children on the playing field, or even for your neighborhood HVAC technician. And for many people, including multiple Sacramento lawmakers, banning gas altogether as an HVAC fuel source seems like the way to go about improving the environment and the air we breathe. Calls for an electric-only model to achieve zero-emission homes are growing, and with Senate Bill 1477, lawmakers hope to eliminate natural gas as an energy alternative completely.

Costs of Switching Energy Sources Often Prohibitive

Unfortunately, the costs of this conversion may be prohibitive for most California consumers. That’s why 17 San Gabriel Valley cities are pushing back against these new proposed regulations. As Air-Tro CEO Bob Helbing explains, energy expenses would go up exponentially for most Californians, along with huge increases in upgrade costs as homeowners scramble to switch over to other expensive, electricity-fueled furnace alternatives.

“I can afford [my utility bills] but there are many Californians that can’t,” said Bob in a recent press conference. “The people who sit on the California Public Utilities Commission are supposed to be public servants. Instead, they are putting a huge burden on the backs of Southern Californians.”

Duarte, Other Cities Take a Stand Against Energy Proposal

Residential HVAC, air qualityHe’s not alone in his rejection of this proposal. Already, Liz Reilly, Duarte City Councilwoman, reports that the City of Duarte has become one of the first California cities to officially pass a resolution condemning SB1477. As she said at the same press conference, “We need balanced energy solutions that will give communities a choice. I do not believe it is fair and just to make the hardworking people of Duarte, the San Gabriel Valley, or California to take in added costs,” she said.

Even the Southern California Gas Company has become involved, reminding lawmakers that natural gas is a uniquely affordable option for its consumers, allowing the company to keep costs low for its customers. Furthermore, the company says it has committed to replacing up to 20% of its supply with renewable gas by 2030.

Californians for Balanced Energy Solutions, a statewide coalition of natural and renewable gas users, is currently drafting a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom to urge him to adopt a more balanced approach to energy options available for everyday consumers.

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