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Forced Air Furnace: Simple and Reliable Technology for Monrovia

Forced Air Furnace: Simple and Reliable Technology for Monrovia

Forced Air Furnace: Simple and Reliable Technology for MonroviaYou might not need to heat your home all the time in the Mediterranean-esque climate around Monrovia and Pasadena, but when you do, you want a system that is familiar and reliable. A forced air furnace is the mainstay of 70 percent of American homes, and it will serve you well.

Forced air furnaces use house-wide ductwork, which makes central air conditioning, central humidifiers or dehumidifiers and central air cleaners a snap to install, and the wide popularity of traditional furnaces makes it easy to find experts for both installations and upgrades. Its central location in the home makes it easy to maintain a constant, even temperature throughout, while also allowing it to perform basic air filtration on circulating air.

A number of additional advantages can make a forced air furnace system even more desirable. A two-stage furnace, for example, cuts energy overuse and furnace cycling by offering two furnace modes: one rated to keep you warm in cool weather, and the other optimized to heat your home when the temperature drops. A variable speed fan can fine-tune the rate of warm air delivery through your ductwork, keeping air circulating and filtered and keeping temperatures steady.  High-efficiency condensing furnaces, which use fully-sealed combustion chambers and secondary heat exchangers, can reach 89-98 percent efficiency ratings, lowering your energy bills.

Furnace and heating technology have improved in recent years, and homes that already use forced air furnaces can also benefit from the models currently on the market.  Since many homes were constructed with furnaces that only reach about 60 percent efficiency by today’s standards, many people underestimate how effective a furnace can actually be.

To learn more about forced-air furnaces, and to learn if they’re the right choice for your Monrovia-area home, visit us online at Air-Tro Inc.

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