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Is Your Home Too Cold? Here’s How to Troubleshoot Common Problems with Your Furnace

Easy Fixes Will Keep You Warm All Winter

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We may not have snow here in the San Gabriel Valley, but we do get cold winter mornings. Even in the Southland, nobody likes the feeling of a cold house, condo or apartment when it’s chilly outside too. If your furnace goes on the fritz, here are some simple guidelines for handling everyday fixes before they turn into larger problems that require professional support. If you’re not enjoying warm indoor comfort when you need it, evaluate these basics first.

Is the Thermostat Working?

It may not be rocket science, but this is sure easy to forget. Start with the small stuff when your furnace doesn’t seem to be functioning properly. Is your thermostat on? If it’s not wired up to your electrical system, does it have working, fully charged batteries? If you have the latter set up, you should be changing the batteries at least once a year for peak performance.

Check to make sure your thermostat is also set for date and time correctly, in case it’s operating on a timer. Open the thermostat and check to see if it’s clean and free from dust.

Check Your Breaker Box

If your thermostat or your furnace still isn’t working, examine your breaker box to check for a blown fuse. You may need to test the breaker by switching it back and forth and seeing if it stays in the “on” setting. If it doesn’t, the problem lies in your wiring, not with the furnace.

Inspect Your Furnace and Change Your Filter

The bottom line: a furnace that doesn’t seem to emanate enough heat may have a clogged or dirty furnace filter. Luckily, furnace filters are easily replaced, and relatively inexpensive, as well. Unsure where your filter is? Check your intake first: this is a grated opening in the wall, floor or even in the ceiling. Some filters may be in the actual furnace housing.

The filter itself can become blocked by pet hair, debris, or simply dust over time. Once you change it, you’ll immediately notice improved airflow and better air quality. What’s more, your system won’t have to work as hard to send air unimpeded through your HVAC system, resulting in energy efficient performance and lower utility bills.

Does Your Furnace Safety Switch Work?

Sometimes a furnace can stop working if the safety switch on the furnace opening is broken or inoperative. This is a simple safety measure to prevent the fan or burner from activating when the door is open. Luckily, installing a new furnace door is considered a minor repair, one that you can do yourself or rely upon a technician to take care of if necessary.

Furnace maintenance and upkeep is always important. Don’t wait until the coldest days of the year to have your furnace inspected. Have questions on how to do it yourself? Call us today. Your indoor comfort is always our priority.


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