Winter Is Coming: Time for a Pre-Season Furnace Checkup

Save Money and Avoid Surprises by Doing Yearly Furnace Maintenance Now

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Soon the cool days of autumn will be upon us. Unless you’re using a dragon to heat your home, your furnace will be in daily use sooner than you think! A little preparation and some simple tips will help you get your heating system into shape for winter’s chill. And here’s something to make you even cozier: regular furnace maintenance can also save you real money when it comes to your monthly energy bills. After all, you shouldn’t make your family have to wear fur rugs to keep warm when you’re on a strict utilities budget. Rule of thumb: nobody should have to look like they’re “defending the Wall” when they’re relaxing at home.

Here are our suggestions. Done right, they’ll enhance the safety and energy efficiency of your furnace all season long.

Change Your Air Filter.

How often this should be done depends a lot on the size of the filter and the condition of your home. If you don’t own pets, you can change it every three to six months with no problems. If you do own a Fluffy or a Fido, consider changing it every one to two months. Size is also important. Smaller filters need more frequent replacement, while larger ones can be switched out every six months. Unsure what you have or need? Ask your licensed heating and air conditioning consultant for guidance.

Clean Your System.

Dust and other debris accumulate over time around your air vents and ducts, requiring cleaning to work most efficiently. You can use a screwdriver to remove vent covers, and simple vacuum extensions to remove these potential irritants and allergens. It’s a simple way to cut down on pollutants that can make allergies and breathing issues worse, especially in the winter months.

Move Stuff Out of the Way

Over the warmer months, it’s easy to forget about your air vents. Check every room to make sure boxes, toys, and furniture aren’t covering or blocking the registers. It’s important for warm air to be able to flow unimpeded into every room for maximum energy efficiency.

Check the Settings on Your Programmable Thermostat

With the cost of energy so expensive nowadays, the worst thing to do is to have your heater working when no one is home to enjoy the warmer indoor air. Don’t waste money having your system on at the wrong times. Consider investing in a simple to use, programmable thermostat, and if you already own one, check the settings now to ensure it’s adjusted to your family’s schedule.

If you’re a business owner, heating and cooling at inopportune times can be even more expensive. Make sure the settings on your thermostat correspond with the workdays of your employees. It’s a simple, easy way to avoid energy consumption when you don’t need it.

Check for Direwolves (Ok, At Least Birds) Blocking Your Exhaust Flue.

The summer is busy, even for the critters outside. Inspect the exhaust flue outside your home to ensure twigs; leaves and animal shelters or nests aren’t blocking your exhaust flue. For safety reasons, it’s important to make sure it’s clear.

Have questions? Not sure the difference between a condenser and a compressor, a 4-inch air filter from a 6 inch? Get in touch with the friendly consultants at Air-Tro. Now is the perfect time to schedule your furnace inspection, before the cold sets in. Call us today at (626) 357-3535.