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Duct Tape Has Many Uses – Taping Ducts Isn’t One of Them!

Duct Tape Has Many Uses – Taping Ducts Isn’t One of Them!

Why We Use Mastic, Not Duct Tape

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Facts you should know about Duct Tape:

  • Duration of the UL standard Attic Duct Tape Test: 60 days
    Actual time the duct tape should last in your attic: 20 years
  • Test weight used by UL in the attic Duct Tape Test: 9.5 pounds
    Actual weight of standard 12” dia. Length of duct: 13 pounds
  • First year UL published a standard for Duct Tape: 1996
    Percent of home ductwork in LA County that complies: 2.8%
  • Acceptable total leak area in properly installed ducts: 10 in²
    Average leak area of typical tape-sealed ductwork: 43 in
    Typical system efficiency loss with 43 in
    ² of leaks: 22%
  • Payback time on upgrade to high efficiency units: 6.21 yrs*
    Payback time on upgrade to mastic-sealed ductwork: 2.16 yrs*

*Based on using a 4 ton system for 1000 hrs/yr, with an electric rate of 23¢/kw-hr. High efficiency unit is 16 SEER, vs. 13 SEER for standard efficiency.

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