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HVAC Mystery #101: Why Is My Heating Bill So High?

Don’t Despair: Just Follow The Clues

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It’s an all too familiar scenario while you’re opening the end-of-the-month mail. What is usually a manageable energy bill has seemingly skyrocketed overnight, while the temperature inside your house hasn’t changed in weeks, and your family hasn’t radically expanded in size. What gives?

What’s the Temperature Outside Your Home?

Has the weather been colder lately? And more importantly: have you or any other family member solved that problem by immediately cranking up the thermostat when you’re coming inside from a cold and rainy afternoon?

Best practice for any HVAC user during a cold snap is to set your thermostat at 68 degrees, and then keep your hands off that dial unless you’re turning it down even lower at night.  Remember, turning up your thermostat does not heat a room any faster, but it does make your furnace work harder as it warms up the room. Energy.gov pundits tell us that a thermostat programmed to a steady 68 degrees or lower throughout the winter can save you up to 20% on your heating bill. Resist the temptation to adjust it higher because you just stepped out of the shower. Your wallet will thank you!

What’s the Draft Situation at Your House?

Good insulation is essential in every home, and yet often an overlooked detail as a house ages. Poorly insulated walls or attics, or improperly sealed windows can send money out the door quite literally. Inspect window frames, and check out the existing insulation in your home to make sure everything is as it should be. Make repairs promptly, and schedule a consultation with an expert if you suspect your insulation is no longer adequate. Addressing these issues means your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to heat your home, and in turn will cost you less to operate.

Doing More Laundry?

Having clean clothes is a must for anyone, but running the washer and dryer continuously throughout the day is a costly proposition.  Make sure every washer load is full, and avoid using the dryer at all if you only have just one item. Saving energy doesn’t mean putting up with dirty socks, but a little pre-planning can mean money in your pocket instead of with the utility company.

Schedule a Furnace Service

When’s the last time you had your furnace inspected? Sometimes a minor, fixable problem with your heating system can turn into a major expense without any indication but a sky-high energy bill. A qualified expert can examine every aspect of your furnace and overall HVAC system for equipment failure and other performance issues. Furthermore, they’ll have advice on further ways you can cut costs with information on best energy saving practices.

Saving money on energy bills is always a plus, especially if you don’t have to sacrifice indoor comfort! If your heating costs seemed unreasonably high this past month, take a few moments to check your HVAC system and review your overall heat habits. A few minor changes can mean big benefits.



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