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5 Ways to Save on Your Utility Bill
If you are like many Monrovia homeowners, you probably dread receiving your utility bills. If you are tired of spending too much on heating and cooling your home, consider these tips for saving on your utility bills.
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  1. 1. Have Your HVAC System Inspected
    If you have not had your HVAC system inspected lately, now is the time to do it. If your system isn’t in good condition, it won’t work as efficiently as it is supposed to.
    This can lead to very expensive utility bills, and it can also lead to your system wearing out more quickly. Have your heater inspected before the winter, and have your air conditioner inspected before the summer for best results.
  2. 2. Change Your Air Filter More Often
    Changing your HVAC filter can be easy to forget when you are busy with so many other things. However, failing to change your HVAC filter on a regular basis can make your system work less effectively. Plus, you also have to worry about the air quality inside your home. Change your filters once a month or as directed for best results.
  3. 3. Invest in a Programmable Thermostat
    The last thing that you probably want to do is pay for more equipment in regards to your HVAC system. However, investing in a programmable thermostat right now can save you a lot of money each and every month.
    A programmable thermostat is designed so that you don’t have to heat or cool an empty home, but you also don’t have to arrive home to an uncomfortable house. You should not try to install one of these thermostats on your own, so consider hiring a Monrovia HVAC professional to help you.
  4. 4. Clean Your Vents
    It’s not abnormal for your household vents to become dusty and dirty. Take the time to remove them and clean them as you notice dust and debris to ensure that the air is flowing through smoothly.
    If it seems as if there is a lot of dust and dirt in your duct work, consider having it professionally cleaned. Not only will this help your system work more effectively and efficiently, but it will also provide you with cleaner indoor air and can help cut down on the amount of dust in your home.
  5. 5. Use Your Windows to Your Advantage
    Be careful with your windows. Make sure that you keep them covered on sunny days to keep heat out of your home, but consider opening them to allow a cool breeze to come in on cool evenings during the summer.
    As you can see, there are ways that you can save on your utility bills. Don’t assume that you have to spend a fortune to keep your home heated or cooled during the winter and summer. Instead, follow these tips if you want to notice a difference in your utility bills.

Try to save during this holiday season on your Monrovia, CA home utility bill. Call Air-Tro, Inc. at (626-357-3535) 432-2406, for any questions or further assistance.