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Why is Your Heater Blowing Cold Air?

3 Reasons Why Your Heater is Blowing Cold Air

When your heater turns on, and only cold air comes out, you understandably experience a feeling of disappointment and dread. Your family needs heat to stay comfortable and healthy, but a heater problem can cause significant distress. After all, the heater has most likely already provided warmth when you need it for many years.

Pasadena, CA Heating RepairYour family depends on having heat available whenever the weather turns cold. When the heater comes on, you should allow some time for it to start producing hot air. If, after a while, you still feel cold air blowing through the vents, your heater might have a problem.

For example, you might have switched the fan to the on rather than auto on the thermostat, causing the fan to blow air continuously, even without activating the heater. The following additional three reasons might help explain why your heater blows cold air.

An Extinguished Pilot Light or Burned-Out Element

Air drafting through a house can sometimes blow out the pilot light in a gas furnace. In such cases, a technician can re-ignite the pilot light and recommend ways to reduce the effect of nearby air currents. In other instances, a technician must troubleshoot and diagnose the problem before solving it.

For example, the flame sensor might need cleaning or replacement, or the fuel supply might need unclogging. Regardless, the technician will discuss the problem with your heater with you and suggest a repair plan.

Electric heaters have elements that create heat for the blower to disperse throughout the house. These items can fail, particularly when a heater ages, causing the system to blow only cold air into your rooms.

A similar problem, a tripped circuit breaker, might deactivate the heating element while allowing the fan to continue running. Your technician will follow standard diagnostic problems to determine why the heater element doesn’t work and will provide an accurate quote for any needed repairs.

Don’t Forget Your Clogged Filter…

Many people forget to replace the filters on their heater, setting the stage for eventual system failure. Air filters remove dust and dirt from circulation around a house. As time passes, the filters get old and clogged. They start making the system work harder and eventually choke the air supply to the heater. Without a steady flow of air, a heater can overheat and shut down.

Although you might feel the temptation of removing the air filter altogether, you should reconsider. Operating a heater without an air filter can cause even more problems. As debris flows freely through the home, it can damage the internal components of the heater, resulting in expensive repairs. Replacing heater filters can take time and cause frustration. You might also have trouble finding the proper replacement part.

If you suspect that your heater has a filter problem, call for help. Professional technicians know what filter to install in your heater. They can also check your system for proper operation before they leave your home.

You can keep your heater working at its optimal level by scheduling routine technician. Such a convenient service eliminates the complications that arise from failing to change filters while maintaining your heater with the manufacturer-recommended service.

Consider Damaged Ducts

Air ducts carry hot air from the heater to every room in the house, if a primary part of the system becomes damaged, it can allow cold air into the system, negating the work of the heater. Sometimes, the tape that seals connections between ducts grows old and loses its effectiveness. When this happens, segments of ducts can become partially detached. Even when a duct looks intact, it might have developed holes or cracks that allow cold air to enter.Pasadena, CA Home Heating

Closed or obstructed duct dampers can cause problems similar to damaged ducts. When the system cannot take in enough cold air, the heating unit can get too hot, causing an automatic shutdown.

A periodic inspection performed by a licensed HVAC technician can make sure ductwork stays intact and serviceable.

A heater that blows cold air causes frustration and discomfort. Despite the urgency of a failed heater, homeowners should exercise care when investigating the problem. Heaters, when improperly handled, can cause fires and other damage.

Rather than risking burning down your home, call for help. A technician can quickly arrive and get to work solving the problem with your heater. Even after regular business hours and on holidays, an HVAC professional can come to the rescue.

Technicians usually have plenty of tools and the experience to use them to diagnose heater problems. They have many spare parts and other supplies on their truck, so they can usually immediately perform need repairs.

You never know when your heater will start blowing cold air (or no air at all). To keep your family safe and warm and maintain your heater at maximum efficiency, call to schedule regular checkups to make sure your heater works well before the seasons change and you need it.

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