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Read This to Learn How to Prevent the Spread of the Flu

Read This to Learn How to Prevent the Spread of the Flu

Get A New Air Filter

A new air filter for your Monrovia HVAC unit can prove to be very useful in the fight against the flu. Air filters will catch a lot of particles in the air, and up to 99.9% of the particles are trapped in the air filter.

Monrovia, CA | Indoor Air QualityIf the flu virus is in the air, it can also flow through the air filter and become trapped, which can help to prevent it from spreading to others in the home. Getting a new air filter is necessary when the air filter is a few months old or has too much dust or dirt on it.

Stay Secluded

Staying away from other people in public is a good way not to catch the flu, but if you’re already in your home and have the flu, then it’s best to stay secluded.

You may need to stay away from others as long as possible to keep them from getting sick. If you have to be around others in your home, then make sure to cover your mouth after sneezing, try not to touch too many surfaces, and wash your hands regularly.

Circulate Air Throughout The House

Circulating air within the home can be done through an HVAC unit, and this can be done by simply turning the HVAC unit on. Some may want to open a window, which can be helpful, but the HVAC unit will be catching dust particles as well as bacteria and germs, so this is a better way to keep the flu virus from spreading if it’s already in the home.

Sanitize Surfaces

Any surface that’s touched by someone who already has the flu will need to be sanitized, and this can be achieved when using a sanitizing spray or sanitizing wipes on the surfaces after they’ve been touched. It may be necessary to go around and sanitize certain areas several times a day, but if a person lives alone, then sanitizing once a day should be good enough.

Make Sure The HVAC Unit Works Properly

An HVAC unit may seem to be working well, but if the warm air isn’t blowing properly, or the unit isn’t blowing any warm air at all, then there may be a problem. Get someone to fix your HVAC unit because it’s one of best devices to keep the flu virus out of your Monrovia home.

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