UV Light for Your HVAC System: What Air Purification Can and Can’t Do

Air Purification for Your Home Can Reduce Indoor Pollutants

UV llights
UV lights harness the power of sunshine to kill bacteria, molds and other pathogens before they reach your indoor air.

We see a lot of ads out there for all kinds of ways to sanitize your home. Some work, some don’t, but a proven way to reduce indoor pollutants is by using ultraviolet light in your HVAC system. While it can’t stop germs  from entering your home on your hands, clothing, or even through open windows, UV light can kill the mold, bacteria and even airborne viruses passing through your HVAC equipment. For those sensitive to allergens, suffering from existing respiratory problems or just concerned about cleaner indoor air, these products are a lifesaver.

Let’s look at the evidence, first.  Duke University ran a study in 2012 demonstrating that UV light was able to significantly reduce the transmission of mold, bacteria and even “superbugs” from their patient rooms through a combination of  effective chemicals and ultraviolet light. While the liquid disinfectants (quaternary ammonium) used in the study aren’t practical for most homes, in contrast, UV can be incorporated into many existing residential and commercial HVAC systems in two ways.

Coil Sanitization:

UV lights eliminate mold and other irritants from your HVAC’s indoor coil.  Why is this important? Every central air conditioning system has this coil, which is designed to take liquid from the air, dehumidifying your home or office as the AC operates. By design, air flows right over it, and because the coil is wet, dander, dust and other pathogens tends to stick there. Over time, mold, fungus and more can grow, and can in turn get into your indoor air.

Gross, right?

A coil sterilization light can stop these irritants in their tracks. Installed to shine right onto the coil, the UV light kills everything before it gets into the rest of the house. The lights remain on continuously, working to remove these pollutants 24/7.  Essentially, the UV is like sunshine, beaming down on an area of your HVAC system that normally remains dark and wet. Coupled with a good air filter, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your indoor air is as clean as it can possibly be, considering we live in Los Angeles, not Montana.

Air Sanitization:

These products go one step past cleaning the HVAC system coil. Instead, air sanitizers use activated carbon to remove chemicals, their odors and more from your indoor air. If you’re concerned about VOCs and off-gassing from potentially hazardous carpets, furniture and even household paint products, this advanced technology is for you.

In our world now, everyone seems to be looking for that “magic bullet” to sanitize and protect our homes, families and commercial work spaces from disease and pollution. These UV lights are not a panacea against all potential hazards, but can go a long way towards protecting you and those who breathe alongside you from the bacteria, viruses and chemical irritants that can exacerbate allergies, foster illness and hamper breathing. Consider them the front lines in HVAC technology designed to keep you safe, healthy and comfortable inside your home or office.

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