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Uneven Heating And Cooling In Your Home? A Zoning System Takes Care Of That

Uneven Heating And Cooling In Your Home? A Zoning System Takes Care Of That


air tro metersA frequent disadvantage of multi-story homes or large, rambling-style houses is inconsistent and uneven heating and cooling throughout the structure. Because warm air rises and cool air sinks, upper floors will always be warmer than lower floors, with basements being coldest of all.

A single thermostat cannot reasonably keep up with the temperature demands of a larger home. Family disagreements can erupt over control of the thermostat as people on a hot upper floor turn the controls down while those on a colder lower floor invariably want to turn the heat up.

This dilemma may be most easily solved by installing a zoning system. Zoned heating and cooling provides temperature control for individual rooms or entire floors without affecting heating or cooling elsewhere in the house. They compensate for unavoidable differences in temperature that occur in larger or multiple


story homes and let residents set room temperatures to suit their individual preferences.

Zoning systems employ a series of independently controlled motorized dampers and thermostats to control temperatures in single rooms or areas of your house. Zoning systems can account for significant savings on your heating bills, reducing energy use by as much as 25 percent.

With a zoning system, you divide your home into separate zones that have similar heating needs during particular times of the day. For example, a zoning system allows you to reduce the amount of heating or cooling in living areas of the house when no one is home to need it. In the evening, the system can be set to heat or cool kitchens, family rooms, and other living spaces. Three individual zones are usually enough to take care of a household’s temperature needs.

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