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Don’t Let Fido Destroy Your Air Filters: Tips to Keep Heating and Air Conditioning Animal-Safe

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Air-Tro employees Bella and Cutie on their way home to another evening of indoor comfort and joy.

According to the National Pet Products Association, more than 67% of American households own a pet. Whether it’s a gecko or a golden retriever, this number is up substantially from the 56% of households surveyed who did back in 1988, the first year the study was conducted. That’s a lot of fur (and scales, and fish food, and more…)

Many of us at Air-Tro are also pet owners, and proud to report our beloved animals are treated as VIPS in our own households. That said, we also recognize the damage a dog, cat or other special buddy can do to a condenser or other HVAC equipment. What’s more, they can also injure themselves while doing an impromptu air conditioning or furnace recon.

Taking a few quick safety measures can go a long way towards keeping everyone and everything safe in your quest for indoor comfort.

Protect Your Wiring and Your Pets

First, if it’s not already, wrap your wiring! Don’t leave anything exposed to curious puppies or inquisitive iguanas. Make sure your HVAC technician or whoever has worked on your air conditioning has used metal conduit tubing for every bit of wiring connecting your condenser to your home. And here’s a tip: exposed wiring is also a red flag to other, possibly more dangerous “cut corners” in your heating and air conditioning system. It may be time for a complete inspection to avoid future problems, breakdowns and trips to the vet.

Inspect Your Condenser Regularly for Signs of Wear

Let’s face it. Dogs like to pee on things. And your condenser, prominently taking up space in the back or side yard, is a likely restroom for your pet. Cats may enjoy sitting on it. Children may use the slats for a convenient drop box in the course of their playtime to deposit dolls; letters to Santa or their favorite leaves and twigs for safe keeping.

The important thing is to check your condenser on the reg for these kinds of issues. Dog urine can corrode fins, while a doll wedged in the right place can prompt a refrigerant leak. While “no big deal” at the outset, left untended, these condenser problems can spiral into expensive and complicated HVAC problems that keep technicians busy on a daily basis throughout the Southland. Don’t let these breakdowns happen to you.  Consider fencing off your condenser if necessary. If that’s not a practical solution, make sure you keep it clean, and free from Barbie and Ken.

Fur Is Not Your Friend

Pets shed. Whether it’s snakeskin or cat hair, this stuff ends up everywhere. For most pet owners, it’s a small price to pay for the joy of animal ownership, but for your HVAC system, it can be a problem. Change your filters regularly to cut down on clogs. You’ll get better airflow, and improved efficiency from your heating and air conditioning. And don’t forget a yearly professional inspection to ensure everything is working at peak performance.

With a little planning, you can ensure maximum indoor comfort for everyone, including your pets. The extra bonus? You’ll cut down on maintenance costs, and keep your heating and air conditioning running well for years to come.

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