Your Fall Things-To-Do List: Check Vents And Ducts For 7 Common Problems

Your Fall Things-To-Do List: Check Vents And Ducts For 7 Common Problems

When you give your heating system its pre-season maintenance, pay particular attention to the vents and ductwork where much energy can be lost, wasting fuel and driving your heating bill higher that it should be.

Here are seven common problem areas to check carefully:

  1. Leaky duct connection –Make certain all sections of ductwork fit tightly together. Seal cracks, gaps or openings in the ducts. Seal joints and elbows with mastic or another type of industrial sealant.
  2. Supply leaks – Check for leaks, loose fittings and gaps in the supply ducts that direct heated air from the furnace to the many rooms in your house. Seal, tighten, repair and replace as necessary.
  3. Return leaks – Air returns (the ducts that draw air back into your furnace to be reheated) must have undamaged air return pathways, tight connections and sealed joints.
  4. Furniture blocking register – Registers and vents in the floors, walls, or ceilings should be clear of furniture or other obstacles sitting on or against them. Move furniture as needed to make sure registers and vents are clear of obstructions.
  5. Leaks at furnace and filter slot, and duct tape failure – Loose or poor-fitting ducts at the furnace and filter slot can also lose a lot of energy. Duct tape can dry out and fall away, reopening existing holes. Reseal with mastic instead of duct tape.
  6. Fallen duct insulation – Ductwork is often insulated with rigid fiber board insulation. This insulation can come loose and fall away from the duct. Make sure all insulation, particularly in unconditioned areas of the house, is securely attached to the ductwork.
  7. Kinked ductwork – If your ductwork is twisted or kinked, the necessary airflow to your heating system will be restricted. Straighten out ductwork where possible, or replace sections that are too damaged to straighten easily.

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