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Los Angeles HVAC: Why Should You Get Furnace Maintenance Now?

Los Angeles HVAC: Why Should You Get Furnace Maintenance Now?

Why Should You Get Furnace Maintenance Now?Have you given any thought to furnace maintenance? Thinking about furnace maintenance in early fall is not easy, because the temperature in the Los Angeles region is still quite warm—but this is the best time to give some attention to maintaining your furnace to avoid problems when the cooler weather hits in full force.

Beat the Rush

When temperatures start to drop and homeowners in Los Angeles and the surrounding communities turn on their heating systems—only to find a problem—your local HVAC technician is going to face a flood of calls. Avoid the rush by scheduling furnace maintenance now. You’ll have time to address any problems before you actually need your system.

Protect Your Home

Furnace maintenance is more than just a convenience to ensure that your home’s heat functions well. It’s an important aspect of overall safety for your home. An improperly functioning furnace puts your home and those in it at risk. This is not only because of fire risk, but also because of the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning and indoor air quality problems. Both risks are lessened if your furnace is checked by a qualified HVAC maintenance professional before heating season hits.

Save Money

Spending money to save money sometimes feels counterproductive, but in the case of HVAC system maintenance, it is reality. You can typically get an annual service check for less than $100, and it will help the system run more efficiently, saving you money on energy costs throughout the year. Your furnace maintenance check can also help you avoid costly repairs during the season, or even the need to replace the furnace.

Extend the Life of Your System

Your furnace is full of moving parts and components that can break down. Regular maintenance checks ensure that you are able to get the most use out of your furnace over its lifespan.

If you have further questions about furnace maintenance and how you can help your Pasadena home’s furnace stay as efficient as possible, contact the team at Air-Tro for help.

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