HVAC System Shut Down? HVAC Contractors at Air-Tro Can Help!

Our HVAC System Shut down Suddenly! Should I Repair or Replace?

HVAC contractors and repairIn this video, comfort consultant Jerren Guzman answers a question from Helbing International. Their concern was that their commercial HVAC system completely shut down all of a sudden. Should they repair the system or replace it? Please read further for answers from our team of HVAC contractors.

When an HVAC system stops working without warning, people usually assume the worst. However, HVAC contractors will tell you that sometimes when a heating and cooling unit shuts down, that can be good news. A shutdown can be the system trying to protect itself. HVAC manufacturers typically make their systems with a failsafe that turns the units off under specific conditions. As a result, damage can be mitigated.

The following are a few reasons why your HVAC system may shut itself down.

Electrical Problems

Usually, a popped fuse or tripped breaker can shut down your HVAC. Also, an electrical short can cause the same issue. In fact, any electrical surge into the unit is likely to cause your HVAC system to trip a breaker for protection. For these instances, a repair of the electrical problem is often the best solution.

Compressor and Motor Trouble

The compressor is the part of your air conditioning unit that controls the cooling fluids. If it’s not working correctly, the AC unit can’t cool properly. And when this happens, a host of other problems can result. You may start to see the HVAC unit drawing too much energy, which would likely cause it to shut down. Also, when the compressor is damaged, your system cannot remove humidity from the air like it usually would.

Unlike the compressor, the motor on an HVAC system pushes air through the unit. If you notice a weak airflow from your system, it may be a sign of a motor failure. And when the motor stops working, the whole system can shut down.

Even though it may seem like compressor and motor issues may indicate it’s time for a replacement unit, HVAC experts may be able to repair the unit. This is especially true if the HVAC unit is newer.

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