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If You Own a Home, Now Is the Time to Set Up an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Save Money and Preserve Your Heating and Air Conditioning with Regular Service

HVAC home maintenance

We talk a lot in this space about the benefits of a regular service schedule for commercial property owners. But did you know that residential customers can also benefit from a regular maintenance plan? For this, you should be going with a qualified HVAC provider: one who is insured, trained, and certified in all the best practices recommended by the state, leaders in the HVAC industry and the equipment manufacturers themselves. 

Does My Equipment Really Need Regular Service? 

In a word, yes. Your seasonal maintenance provider will perform multiple tasks, including the ones below. These elements of a regular maintenance plan not only protect your system by preventing costly breakdowns, but also keep it running at peak energy efficiency. And that means lower energy bills and greater indoor comfort all year round. 

1.     Clean HVAC elements like the condenser coils, blower, evaporator, and the condensate drain, if needed.

2.     Lubricate necessary equipment and check for frayed, cracked or otherwise damaged components

3.     Check the thermostat to ensure proper calibration and setting accuracy

4.     Inspect and assess gas pressure, refrigerant levels, fuel line connections and any other relevant system controls. 

5.     Change air filters and check ductwork for leaks, mold, or other problems. 

6.     Inspect the outdoor condenser and remove any debris. 

7.     Check vents and flue system. 

It may not seem like it, but all these seemingly little things can keep you from much bigger issues later. Your HVAC system is a complicated arrangement of coils, moving parts, electrical equipment, and sensors. If one part fails, sometimes your system may keep running for a while. However, the wear and tear incurred from the original breakdown can soon create a domino effect of multiple failures that take the issue from being a minor problem to an expensive and major one, fast. Furthermore, the first sign of a faulty system is often a higher-than-average energy bill. This in turn leads to escalating utility charges over time. Why pay more than you need to when it comes to these kinds of household costs? 

Like a car that requires regular maintenance to run correctly and safely, your HVAC needs the same. Call the qualified professionals who can help you get the most from your indoor comfort system. Get in touch with Air-Tro to schedule your heating and air conditioning checkup, today. 



Did you know regular, professional HVAC maintenance can save you money on energy bills? Call Air-Tro today to schedule an inspection of your home system. (626)357-3535.