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Spring Has Sprung: Seasonal HVAC Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

An Ounce of Prevention Keeps Your Air Conditioning From a Pound of Repairs

spring hvac maintenanceOkay, so the aphorism is a little wonky, but what’s so great anyway about the original term “a pound of cure?” In any case, the phrase still rings true. Take care of your air conditioning with a few maintenance tasks this spring, and you’ll enjoy indoor comfort all summer long.

First off, change your air filters! While folks in some parts of the country might not have to switch them out so often, our episodes of poor air quality, overall pollution levels and even frequent dry weather necessitate frequent air filter changes. Don’t believe us? Take a look at your filter next time you replace it. Here in Monrovia, the average MERV-rated filter will become brown and dirty after just 30-60 days. You’ll breathe better and you’ll also save on energy bills with more efficient airflow.

HVAC MaintenanceNext, take a look at your outside unit. Clear any leaf litter, foliage or backyard ephemera from the equipment. And if you have young children, definitely take a closer look to make sure Barbie or Ken haven’t been inadvertently stuffed inside the unit. You’d be surprised to know how often we see children’s’ toys, dog bones or worse creating major problems by being where they shouldn’t. Your outside unit has to be free of debris around it and in it to work properly.

Consider your thermostat. Is it time for a new one? Remember, a Smart thermostat is not only more energy efficient, but will lower your overall HVAC costs throughout the season. By programming in the times you’ll be home (and the times you won’t!), you can keep the house cool when it counts and let the temperature rise when you’re not around to enjoy it.

And don’t fall for this myth: many people think it’s cost effective to simply turn off the air conditioning when they’re not around, and then crank it down by 10 degrees when they arrive to a sweltering house at the end of the day. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your air conditioning will have to work harder and longer to cool your home this way than if a Smart Thermostat kept it at a warmer but not roasting temperature throughout the day. Bottom line: this kind of technology is a good idea for most homeowners.  While you may not need all the latest bells and whistles, there are many Smart options that will make sense for your home and budget.

Finally, check for air leaks around your home. Do you have a window that won’t close, or a broken doorframe? Fix obvious problems and you’ll see lower utility bills at the end of every month.

As we often discuss in this space, staying ahead of little problems now will save you big money later by helping you to avoid costly repairs down the road. And get ready for a happy, healthy summer for all of us!


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