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Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System in Late Spring

How to Maintain Your HVAC System in Late Spring

Seasonal HVAC maintenance is one of the most efficient ways to cut your energy bills and keep your family comfortable throughout the year. If you have not had your HVAC system serviced since last spring, then read ahead for a look at some tips you can use to make sure you enjoy a cool and stress-free summer.

Don’t Just Switch It On

One of the biggest mistakes that a homeowner can make is to switch the system on during the late spring or early summer and hope for the best. Unfortunately, this could cause quite a few issues down the road. You might have to deal with your home being filled with unpleasant smells, piles of dust coming out of the vents, or unnecessary damage to the system itself.

All homeowners should take some time to inspect the system and schedule an HVAC maintenance call with their local technician.

How to clean and maintain your HVAC unit with our helpClean the Outdoor Unit

Your HVAC technician will be able to clean the inside of the system and all of the moving parts, but you can make sure that there is no debris near your outdoor compressor or heat pump. This procedure is often as simple as hosing off the system, cutting back foliage, and putting away any toys that might bump into the hoses and wires.

All outdoor units have been designed to withstand heavy rainfall, so rinsing it off with a hose should not hurt it. Any vines or other debris that is trapped in the outdoor unit should be left alone until a technician can take care of it.

Inspect the Filters and Vents

Taking a closer look at your home’s filters and vents is another great way to save yourself some money and prevent any serious damage to the HVAC system in the future.

Depending on where you live, how often the system is used, and what filters you are buying, most filters will need to be changed at least once every two to three months. Just before summer, all vents should be checked to make sure that they are open and facing the right direction. Contrary to what some believe, closing off vents in unused rooms could lower the efficiency of the system if the vents are shut for extended periods of time.

If you are a resident of Monrovia, CA and have not had your HVAC system serviced since last summer, then please contact Air Tro Inc. today at 626-357-3535 to schedule a maintenance visit.