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Summer HVAC: What to Know Before Turning On Your AC for the Summer

Get Your HVAC Ready for Hot Weather

AC unit, service and maintenance

In Southern California, we don’t worry much about winter. While it gets cold occasionally, enough to make any East Coaster jealous in January and February. However, the summer months are different. The hot weather can be absolutely miserable, making activities uncomfortable. And while air conditioning used to be optional for many homeowners, today’s climate patterns make having a reliable cooling system essential.

So, with all that, how’s your air conditioner doing this year? Do you have a summer HVAC plan? Chances are you haven’t used it much during the winter months. If that’s the case, Ai-Tro wants to remind you that before you begin summer HVAC use check your system for service issues now, before you use it daily.  

In order to make your summer HVAC usage efficient, have a qualified HVAC pro inspect your air conditioning unit. Routine maintenance could include the following:

Air Filters:

Your technician can change these out immediately. Keep in mind that these relatively inexpensive products are a workhorse when it comes to keeping your indoor air quality clean, your indoor airflow efficient, and your overall system running properly. To ensure that you will stay cool, replace your air filters regularly during the summer. It’s yet another reason why maintenance checkups are so important.


Winter storms can leave debris inside or too near the equipment, and sometimes electrical connections can become exposed or fray because an exterior panel became dislodged. Your HVAC specialist will examine everything to make sure it’s clean and in good condition.

Drain Lines:

Located within the indoor cooling coil, drain lines must be fully intact and functional to keep leaks or pooling water at bay. A clean drain line can also prevent water and mold from damaging your home. Your HVAC technician will assess.


If you haven’t replaced your thermostat in a while, your technician may discuss upgrading your current one with you. These newer, more cost-effective thermostats can help you take advantage of the latest in energy saving technology. A smart thermostat allows you to control your indoor temperature remotely, as well as regulate it with far more efficiency than simply turning a system off and on. If you’re frequently forgetting to turn up the temperature when you leave in the morning or coming home to a sweltering home in the afternoon because the AC has been left completely off all day, discuss the inexpensive smart thermostat options now available.

Remember, with regular maintenance, you’ll not only ensure indoor comfort all year round but also keep your utility bills from spiraling through the summer months. Broken, damaged, or dirty equipment can leave your system working harder than it has to, using more energy to do much less.  A visit from a qualified HVAC technician can ensure summer HVAC success. If they find a problem, they can fix it on the spot, rather than leaving a broken part to develop into other problems later in the year. If you’re looking forward to a great summer, take steps now to keep your house comfortable all season long.

If you want your summer HVAC temperatures to stay cool schedule an annual HVAC inspection? Call Air-Tro today. We’ve been keeping California comfortable since 1969. (626) 357-3535.