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What’s That Noise Coming from My Air Conditioning?

Weird HVAC Sounds Can Spell Trouble

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Let’s face it: air conditioning is supposed to be relatively quiet. In fact, in a stressful world of day-to-day hassles, we strive to make your HVAC system a source of soothing, gentle indoor comfort you can count on.

Sometimes it doesn’t turn out that way. If your AC is making funny noises, it may be time for a call to an HVAC professional. Here’s a quick troubleshooting guide so you can get a sense of what may be happening before scheduling a visit from an expert. And with any luck and a quick repair, you can return to a comfortable, relaxing environment within your home almost immediately.

My Air Conditioner Is Buzzing

If you’ve turned on your system and it’s buzzing, chances are that there’s something that needs attention, soon. Whether it’s a loose part or a compressor that’s having trouble, turn off your HVAC immediately and schedule that inspection. HVAC parts all work together, and it’s best not to risk damaging the rest of your system by letting a broken or poorly attached part run until it causes more problems. Call us instead.

My Air Conditioner is Clicking

Are you hearing this when your system starts up, or is it occurring all the time when the HVAC is operating? Clicking noises are normal when the system is shutting off or turning on. They signal a possible problem when you hear them continuously as the air conditioning is running. It could also indicate a problem with your thermostat.

My Air Conditioner Is Screaming

Check to make sure this isn’t a neighbor yelling at their spouse, first. But seriously, if your HVAC is screaming, it’s essentially telling you to turn off the system immediately. The compressor, a key and expensive element of any air conditioning system, may be signaling dangerous internal pressure levels during operation. Don’t risk running it again. Call for an inspection.

My Air Conditioner Is Creaking

This may indicate something is loose within your indoor equipment, or leaf or lawn debris has fallen into the blades of your condenser outside. While not an emergency, this is a problem that will need to be addressed before it leads to other issues. Take a look at your outdoor equipment to ensure the blades are running without impediment.

Older HVAC systems are noisier than newer equipment, but any time you hear something beyond the usual, it’s time to pay attention. In most cases the issue can be fixed relatively inexpensively and before it leads to other, more damaging consequences. However, if you let it go for too long, one bad part or damaged blade can soon cause other components to fail.  Address problems as they arise, and you’ll save money on both your HVAC equipment and your utility bills. Besides, you deserve indoor comfort that doesn’t require earplugs!

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