How Do I Tell If I Need a New Thermostat?

Know the Signs That Indicate It’s Time for an Upgrade

Thermostat, service and maintenance
It’s hot, and you’re tired after a long day at work. You set the thermostat at home for a cool 72, but nothing seems to be happening with the HVAC system. What should you do?

Say hello to the world of broken thermostats. Often the side effects of a problem thermostat will mimic other, more expensive HVAC problems. The good news is that this is a relatively simple and inexpensive issue to fix. However, it’s important to know possible warning signs so you can get this issue corrected as soon as possible.

Problem: your thermostat screen is blank, dark or doesn’t light up.

This could be as simple as a battery issue. Try replacing them. If that doesn’t work, you may need a new thermostat entirely.

Problem: my HVAC doesn’t turn on.

Many a homeowner has called us in a panic, telling us their HVAC is completely broken and unresponsive, only to have us discover that rather than a total system failure, it’s simply that the 20-year-old thermostat no longer works. This is a happy problem, in that it’s far easier, quicker and cheaper to replace a broken thermostat than have to repair or purchase an entirely new air conditioner or furnace. In this situation, the wiring in the thermostat is often malfunctioning, failing to send the appropriate signal to the HVAC unit itself from the temperature control. Replace the thermostat with one that has wiring that works, and bingo! Your HVAC is working again.

Problem: your HVAC won’t turn off.

It’s a little disconcerting when you notice that your heat or cooling remains “on” at all times. Aside from costing you unnecessary energy bills, it’s putting unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment, too. Test the thermostat by switching it to the “off” position. If your HVAC continues to run, you may need a new one.

Problem: your indoor air doesn’t match the temperature at which you’ve set the thermostat.

This is another issue that suggest far more serious problems with your overall system than may really exist. If your thermostat isn’t measuring the temperature accurately, it isn’t able to send the right signals to the rest of the equipment to turn on or off. Your HVAC technician will check to make sure it’s calibrated and functioning correctly. If the thermostat is not able to be reset, you may need replacement.

Today’s thermostats are far more sensitive, reliable and energy efficient than ones in years past. Talk to your HVAC specialist about your options. You may even find that your new model helps you save money in utility bills while improving your home’s overall indoor comfort, too.

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