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Is It Hot in Here or is it Just You? Understanding Thermostat Malfunction

5 Ways To Tell If Your Home’s Thermostat Is Malfunctioning

You And Your Thermostat

When you purchase a new thermostat or have an old one that you’ve gotten used to, you should know exactly how to program it to make your home comfortable. If you’re experiencing some trouble with the thermostat, then it may be something that you’re doing or not doing, but it just may be your thermostat that is causing the problems.Pasadena, CA thermostat-repair-2

Malfunctioning thermostats are common, especially if the thermostat itself isn’t well taken care of or has no maintenance, which is something that a thermostat does need.

Many will leave the thermostat alone unless they need the central air on, and they don’t realize that the dust that accumulates within the unit itself can cause it to malfunction. Keeping the thermostat clean as well as checking the programming once in a while can ensure that you have a functioning thermostat that can do what it needs to do.

How Will You Know If The Thermostat Isn’t Working Right?

#1 The central air cuts off too soon or doesn’t come on at all

#2 Signs or signals show up unexpectedly on the thermostat

#3 The thermostat’s display is no longer lit up

#4 A battery sign appears or has been there too long

#5 The thermostat itself is making strange noises

#1- If you turn on your thermostat, and the central air won’t turn on, or it cuts off soon after it turns on, then it can be a problem with the thermostat, but don’t rule out the fact that it may be possible that the central air system is malfunctioning.

The problem with having a central air system is the fact that there can be problems any and everywhere in the system, including in the ducts, with the thermostat, with the HVAC unit or furnace, and even the electricity can cause the problems.

If the problem is the thermostat, then check to see if the thermostat has the right settings. If the settings are correct, but the central air still won’t come on, then call a professional. If you’re noticing that the central air is shutting off entirely too soon, then a professional is still needed for this problem as well, especially to determine exactly what the cause is and if the thermostat is contributing to the issue.

#2- Thermostats will have signs on the display that can indicate its cooling the room or heating the room as well as the display telling you what the room temperature is as well as the temperature setting for the thermostat. If you start seeing signs on your thermostat that you are unfamiliar with or haven’t seen before, then this is something to worry about.

There’s a possibility that the thermostat may have a low battery that’s causing it to malfunction, or even the power supply connected to the thermostat may have a problem, which is causing the thermostat to act up. The thermostat might be malfunctioning simply because it needs to be changed out and replaced with a newer programmable thermostat. If you’re interested in fixing the thermostat that you currently have, then a specialist is the best person to do this for you.

#3- An immediate sign of a thermostat problem is a display that is unlit. Not every thermostat has a display, but thermostat’s that have a display should always be lit up, even if it’s dimly lit. If you see absolutely no lighting on the display of your thermostat, then the thermostat has serious issues that need addressing right away, especially if you want the central air to work.

It’s possible that the central air won’t be able to be regulated, turned on, or turned off if the thermostat isn’t fixed quickly. The lack of a display may simply mean the battery died and can no longer show the display for the thermostat, but in this case, the central air may still continue running but cannot be programmed with the thermostat.

A serious malfunction with the thermostat is also possible, and this may mean that a replacement will be needed ASAP to be able to control the central air again. Allow a professional to get down to the root of the problem.

#4- If a battery sign appears on the thermostat, then this is a malfunction and can possibly cause more problems. A thermostat that runs off of a battery other than for the use of lighting the display can have serious malfunctions if the battery isn’t changed when it’s low.

Pasadena, CA thermostat-repairIf you start seeing a battery sign or know you haven’t changed the battery in a long time, then change it out with another lithium battery in order to keep it from giving off incorrect readings, which may mess up the functionality of the central air controls through the thermostat.

#5- If you hear strange noises coming from your thermostat, always be concerned, especially if it’s something that just doesn’t go away.

A thermostat may make noises when it’s turning the central air on or cutting it off, but continuous noises when the central air is running and even after it’s turned off is a problem, especially when it’s coming directly from the thermostat, so get a specialist on the job right away.

How To Go About Getting Thermostat Repair

If you’re maintaining your central air unit every year like you should, then make sure to have the professional do maintenance on your thermostat as well to ensure that it will always be running as well as your central air is.

Some homes really need to consider getting a new thermostat, especially if they are using older ones that have no display and is not a programmable thermostat. Anyone looking to save money on energy should get a programmable thermostat, especially since they can determine the temperature their home will stay at, even when they are away.

Also, always gets thermostat repair when it’s necessary.

Don’t let a problem persist for longer than necessary. Repair or fix your thermostat by calling Air-Tro Inc. at (626) 357-3535 in Pasadena, CA.