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Repair or Replace? Our Furnace Isn’t Working. Do We Have To Replace The Whole AC System?

Should the whole HVAC System be replaced or just the furnace if it isn’t working?

Find out how to deal with a broken furnace in this video.

Repair or replace by AIR-TRO, a game that asks all of the tough HVAC questions so that you don’t have to!

Okay. Mr. Delgado is asking, “Our furnace isn’t working. Do we have to replace the whole air conditioning unit, or can we repair just the furnace?”

Well, we can repair just the furnace. People often forget that the AC unit is separate from the furnace. So repairing one does not affect the other. So we can come in, take a look at the system, see why the furnace is not working and repair it. Worst case scenario we’d have to replace the furnace, but still that does not mean that you have to replace the entire AC system.

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