And Then There Was A/C

Progression of Willis Carrier and His Air Conditioner

Man made means of cooling have been around since ancient Egypt. Since the time when people hung wet reeds in windows to be cooled by the wind, minds have sought the means to automate the process.

As technology marched forward, thinkers discovered that compressing and liquefying substances like ammonia result in chilling the ambient air. The marriage of many ideas finally came together at the turn of the 20th century to see the development of modern air conditioning.

EurekaWillis Carrier was presented with environmental hurdles by a publishing company in Brooklyn. They needed more control over both temperature and humidity to optimally print their materials.

He came up with the idea of sending cooled water through cold coils to get the atmosphere within the specifications required. His apparatus that became active on July 17th, 1902 is considered to be the first air conditioner.

March Towards Mass Production
Textile Mills started embracing this notion in their plants. Extravagant tycoon Charles Gates sought to have this luxury used in his mansion. Now that the rich were interested, David St. Pierre DuBose took it a step forward and had hidden duct work installed in his home so the aesthetics of his home remained undisturbed.

With each successive development, the closer in affordability it was becoming for the masses. The only thing that could prevent it from going forward were proliferating stories of accidents occurring all over the country.

Explosive Developments
Once air conditioners and refrigerators got traction, the demand in the home seemed destined to sky rocket. One of the formidable hurdles in this was the danger that the unit had not only for the property but the people who inhabited it. The problem was the medium used for heat exchange which allowed the cooling.

Flammable or toxic gasses were used in these applications. Ammonia, propane, and even methyl chloride were the most employed mediums. They all contained many dangers should the close system spring the slightest leak. When Thomas Midgley created the safer selection now known as Freon®, the public took to it by storm. Demand became overwhelming as every household that could afford it were buying refrigerators for their homes and businesses.

Now the world only notices when the air conditioner goes out. With preventive maintenance, these units are rock solid performers. Always consult a professional at the first signs of trouble in this household staple.

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