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Saving Energy Makes a Difference

Saving Energy Makes a Difference

Energy Saving Strategies for your HVAC System
Using energy saving strategies in your HVAC system is becoming increasingly important in Monrovia home ownership. This is due to the rising cost of fossil fuels, as well as environmental concerns. Finding new ways to reduce the energy consumption in homes without decreasing the comfort level or indoor air quality is an ongoing battle.

HVAC systems use the most energy in most homes. HVAC systems vary, but most are similar in the sense that they share a few important characteristics. Here are some ways to save energy in your HVAC system.

Monrovia, CA deposit photos 254x300Adjust the Chiller
Chillers typically use the most electricity. Even small improvements in efficiency can create significant savings. Many chillers are larger than they need to be, using much more energy than they actually need.

While chillers run at their peak efficiency when they have a full load, as the load decreases, so does the HVAC unit’s operating efficiency. Homeowners can install a variable-frequency drive on the motor of the chiller.

This automatically reduces the chiller’s operating speed. With a reduced speed, the variable-frequency drive lets the chiller operate at almost full efficiency, which reduces energy use.

Demand Controlled Ventilation
Older HVAC systems that are not capable of modulating the airflow, temperature, or quality of air in the home typically waste energy. In turn, they create higher utility bills.

A great way to fix this problem is to install a Demand Controlled Ventilation. This system uses a CO2 sensor to sense how many people are in a space. This system then automatically adjusts the amount of air that comes into the house from outside, versus air that is recirculated.

Programmable Thermostat
Do you spend the bulk of your day outside of the home, making the need for constant heating or cooling all day useless? Programmable thermostats with advanced settings options can reduce usage by setting it to your schedule.

This takes the hassle out of remembering to turn the thermostat up or down before leaving your Monrovia home, and it also lets the thermostat automatically turn back on prior to your arrival home, so you come home to a comfortable house. Setting temperatures ahead of time in order to regulate comfort levels gives the user the freedom to save as much energy as they please.

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