Five Things To Check When There’s No Cooling

Five things to Check main image

We rely on the comfort provided by our air conditioning systems to keep the summer heat at bay so we can work, relax and sleep comfortably. But what if we hit the “Cool” button…and nothing happens? Before placing a service call, check these five things.

Thermostat1) Is your thermostat set properly?

Believe it or not, we run “no cooling” calls and find the thermostat set to “Heat.” Today’s digital thermostats are very capable – and very complicated. Spend 5 minutes with the thermostat manual (download it if necessary) to make sure the settings are right.


Air Filter2) Have you replaced your filter?

It should either be in the large hallway (return) grill or at the base of your furnace. If this is plugged, it could shut the system down. Filters should be replaced every six months or so.


Thermostat Battery3) Does your thermostat need new batteries?

Most thermostats draw power from the furnace, but many models rely on batteries. If yours is one of these, make sure the batteries are still good.


Circuit Breaker4) Has the circuit breaker tripped?

Check the breaker box for a “double-pole” breaker marked “A/C.” If it’s flipped to the “off” side, or seems loose, flip it back to the “on” side. If it won’t stay “on,” you do need a service call; there’s a short somewhere. But a utility voltage spike can also trip it. Resetting it should fix your problem.


Fuse5) Have you checked the fuses?

Most air conditioners have a “fused disconnect” near the unit. Open it and pull the fuses out. If they’re discolored, they likely failed. Again, this could be either a short or a burnout due to utility issues. Replace the fuses (they’re cheap) and see if it fixes the problem.

A little investigation can frequently get you up and running again without having to wait (and pay for) a service technician. Of course, if a component has failed that needs replacing, we’re there for you. If you have any more questions or need more help, be sure to call the professionals at Air-Tro.