Fake News Alert: Did you Know You Shouldn’t Really Cover Your HVAC Vents?

Know the Reasons Why Shutting Your HVAC Vents Is a Mistake

HVAC vents, air conditioningPopular wisdom on energy savings for your home dictates that shutting HVAC vents in unused rooms is not only a great way to conserve but also redirects airflow more efficiently into the rooms you do use in your home.

News flash!

Nothing could be further from the truth. We rarely suggest homeowners shut a vent in their home.


There are a multiplicity of reasons, but we’ll start with the most basic. 

1. It disrupts airflow.

Air will keep coming from the system through all your ductwork, right up to the vents you’ve shut. Your HVAC equipment is not able to detect which ones are shut and which ones are open. When the air reaches the closed air vent, pressure builds. Not only are you potentially disrupting airflow to the rest of the house but creating blockages that may wreak havoc with your entire air conditioning system. 

2. It creates the right environment for potentially dangerous irritants.

Depending on the humidity of your home, all that cool air can foster increased mold and mildew growth in the vents where it’s not flowing properly. Remember, proper ventilation is always the better deal. Closing off a vent will result in lots of cool, potentially humid air gathering in a duct where it can’t flow naturally through the rest of your home. Mold and mildew can ensue, and unfortunately, it will spread throughout all your ductwork soon enough. 

3. It may damage your heat exchanger and other equipment.

As mentioned above, air flowing through ductwork to a “dead end” can create undue air pressure in the system, creating cracks in your heat exchanger and potentially emit carbon monoxide. Ductwork can develop fissures and leak as well. Bottom line: your system was meant to work with open vents. 

4. It may cost you money in excess energy bills.

Without proper air flow and ventilation, your system must work harder to do the same job. You’re paying for cooler air lingering in closed ducts, with less high-quality airflow throughout your home. 


And remember, one final caveat: just because you don’t shut the air vents in unused rooms doesn’t mean you don’t have any blocked airflow. Make sure to check your home regularly to ensure all vents remain uncovered. This means keeping them clear of furniture, toys, carpet, or other household items that might stand in the way of your indoor comfort. 


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