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5 Tips on Keeping Your Air Conditioner Out of the Hands of Thieves

5 Tips on Keeping Your Air Conditioner Out of the Hands of Thieves

5 Tips on Keeping Your Air Conditioner Out of the Hands of ThievesWith some of the hottest months of the year approaching, the worst thing to have happen would be to wake up one morning with no air conditioning because your unit was stolen right out from under you. Copper theft has become somewhat of an epidemic across the United States, and thieves are going after the metal anywhere they can find it. According to the American Supply Association, theft has gotten much worse in recent years. Air conditioners contain a large amount of usable copper and have become targets for copper thieves. Here are 5 tips for keeping your air conditioner out of the wrong hands:

  1. Acquire an air conditioning cage. This is a basic and effective way to guard your unit. It is effective in deterring thieves because it is immediately visible. For a low amount of money, you can buy a solid steel cage to protect your air conditioner and your peace of mind.
  2. Buy an air conditioning alarm. Air conditioning alarms, while more costly and less visible, are helpful if a homeowner wants to keep their air conditioner looking sleek and clean. Even if you don’t have an alarm system, posting stickers claiming that you do can also be a good way to ward off robbers.
  3. Use a surveillance system. For the technology savvy, you may want to purchase a series of cameras to keep watch over you and your property. Motion-sensing outdoor lights and flood lights come in handy as well.
  4. Deny easy access. If you have the option to elevate your unit or move it to a less visible location, you may want to do so. Even hiding your air conditioner behind bushes or behind a fence can be enough to thwart a thief.
  5. Purchase an A/C Trax device. Homeowners can now install A/C Trax GPS devices to their air conditioners, which keep track of your units location. If your unit is tampered with, the police are notified.

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