Your Heat Pump Condenser: An Easy Target for Copper Thieves?

Your Heat Pump Condenser: An Easy Target for Copper Thieves?

Your Heat Pump Condenser: An Easy Target for Copper Thieves?Ever since the value of scrap copper increased in recent years, vacant properties and commercial buildings have been consistently at risk for the theft of copper tubing in their plumbing and HVAC systems. And even though the money copper thieves fetch is a fraction of the price property owners have to pay for repairs and replacements, the crimes persist. Such vandalism can be a personal and financial headache, so here are a few methods for preventing the theft of copper in your heat pump condenser.

  • Engrave your home address onto your copper tubing. No scrap yard wants to be associated with criminals, and you can dissuade potential copper thieves by labeling your metals.
  • Add lighting around any outdoor HVAC units. Vacant properties and for-sale homes are frequently targeted for copper theft. A motion-detection flood-light system can be very helpful in scaring away any vandals.
  • Conceal your HVAC system. If your heat pump condenser is located outside, consider hiding it in a shroud of shrubbery, or even locking it inside a cage or fence.
  • Install an alarm system. The signage from the alarm company alone will help to fend off potential vandals, but technology can also be installed to sound an alarm anytime your system is being tampered with.

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