Funny HVAC Advertising: From Underpants to Pugs, All in the Name of Air Conditioning

These Commercials Turn Heating and Cooling into Smiles

HVAC, air conditioning
Don’t let bad HVAC happen to good people. Keep your pants on, and call us instead.

Between changing your air filters to better ways to insulate your home, we know heating and air conditioning can seem awfully serious sometimes. That’s why we love the commercials below, that put the fun back into indoor comfort.

Because Good HVAC Prevents Sweaty Dads

We think “Dads in Briefs” says it all. It may be a Brazilian ad, but some things are universal.


Love and Air Conditioning Speak All Languages

We aren’t even sure how the story here ties in with the heating and air conditioning product, but we laughed. Love the country music at the beginning, too.


Pets Need HVAC Too!

A commercial featuring just a pug breathing heavy has our vote, for just about anything. The fact that it’s for HVAC  is a plus.


We Didn’t Realize Residential Ductless Cooling Systems Could Be Funny

But if anyone could make an air conditioner amusing, Jerry Stiller had the magic.

How Cute Are These HVAC Babies?

Who knew that an air conditioning ad could make you teary? Surprise, surprise. Well done, Daikin!


Whether you’re a dad in briefs, a new parent or a dog owner, you need indoor comfort. Air-Tro can help you with the most cost-effective HVAC systems around. Call us today at (626)357-3535.