Tax Season Got You Down? Lower Your HVAC Costs with These Easy Tips.

HVAC service and maintenance, programmable thermostatWe know, it’s never easy to write that check to Uncle Sam at this time of year. Hopefully, you’ll be getting money back. But even if you’re not, there are ways to save on your energy bills this season so that at least you’ll have some extra money in your pocket from lowered utility costs. Saving on HVAC is easy if you know the inside scoop.

 Give Your Home an Energy Audit

It’s easy to assess your home’s overall energy efficiency, courtesy of the EPA’s Home Energy Yardstick. This simple, free online tool (did we say FREE?) just requires you to answer a few simple questions about your home, number of occupants, and your energy bills.

Once you do, the calculator will not only compare your usage to other homes of the same size and occupancy, but tell you exactly where your money is going. The yardstick lets you know what portion of your energy bill is related to heating, cooling, lighting, hot water or appliance usage. It will also provide you with an approximate yearly carbon emission estimate, and some practical suggestions on lowering those numbers. What’s not to like?

Let’s Talk Attic Fans

Here’s a simple suggestion that really cuts down on hot air accumulation throughout the house. An attic fan pulls cool air into your home, while helping to eliminate hotter indoor air. Talk to your HVAC consultant about the appropriate attic ventilation needed to ensure it will work at peak efficiency.

Change Your HVAC Filters

If you read our blog, you’ll know we mention this often, but we won’t stop until everyone knows the big secret. If you don’t have animals, change your HVAC filters every six to eight months. If you do have pets, change them even more frequently (the filters, not the pets). Some of our clients prefer to change filters every 30 days.

The decision is up to you, but know that good filters really enhance efficiency when it comes to HVAC. Clean ones promote better air flow and improved overall air quality. After all, clogs and debris mean your HVAC system has to work harder, costing you more day-to-day.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

How many times have you turned up the thermostat to warm the house on a chilly morning, only to forget and leave for work? It happens all too often for most of us, resulting in higher energy bills and an empty home kept at a balmy 72 degrees when no one is there to enjoy it, or turn down the temp. You might as well just stuff your payment envelope to the power company with some extra twenties, and who wants to do that?

Save yourself the headache and install a programmable thermostat instead. It will prevent waste and allow you to get control over heating and cooling your home throughout the year. Furthermore, new technology means you have more choices than ever before on thermostat types, options and features, all for less money than you might imagine.

Three tips, three simple ways to cut your energy bills. Now if only taxes were this easy.

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