Who Knew? Ancient Kuwaitis Had Air Conditioning

Archeologists Make Major HVAC Discovery

HVAC air conditioning

From the unusual news of the month file, we read recently that Slovakian archeologists working in the Persian Gulf have carefully unearthed a man-made interior air conditioning system on Failaka Island.

We bet you didn’t know there was a cadre of Slovakian archeologists out there excavating, did you? And second, we’re assuming you didn’t know where Failaka Island was. We didn’t either. But in case you’re ever interested in visiting, it’s about 15 miles off the coast of Kuwait City, and was a noted metropolis during the swinging years around 2000 B.C. in Mesopotamia,.

This “ahead of its time” feature was found incorporated into the design of a 7-8th century palace. The grand structure was made from unfired bricks resting on a stone foundation, connected to a stone tower surrounded by a system of canals.

Good Airflow and Ventilation Incorporated Into Design

In studying its construction, archeologists realized that the flow of air from the ocean breeze would purposely be trapped by the openings in the superstructure of the tower, which in turn would ventilate the entire palace. Energy efficient, this cooling system would have made the otherwise prohibitive temperatures on the island quite pleasant. Who could ask for more from their HVAC equipment?

cooling ventilation

Indeed, ancient air conditioning was not unique to the Mesopotamians. The Romans built a series of famous aqueducts beginning around 312 BC, the ingenious waterways also rigged to pipe water into and through the houses of the rich and powerful to assuage the effects of notoriously hot Italian summers. Architects in China and India were also known for their energy efficient ventilation methods, with fans and insulation precursors to our modern HVAC techniques.

Slovakian Archeologists Hopefully Have Modern HVAC

In any case, by all accounts, the Slovakian archeologists report that Failaka is a gorgeous vacation spot, with modern HVAC systems available. We don’t service the Kuwait area as of yet, but 2017 has just begun!

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