Manuals J And D: What You Should Know If You’re Building A New Home

Manuals J And D: What You Should Know If You’re Building A New Home

Manuals J And D: What You Should Know If You're Building A New HomeJust because you’re not a contractor doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have an idea of what’s going on with the construction of your new home. In order to ensure that your house will be equipped with efficient and effective climate control, for example, it’s smart to familiarize yourself with Manuals J and D. Here’s a look at what these tools are, and why you should be interested in them. 

What are Manuals J and D?
These tools are approved by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America to properly equip homes with the right size equipment and ductwork for their heating and cooling needs. Manual J is able to determine the amount of heat loss from a home during winter months, and the heat gain during the summer months. A number of factors are considered such as the size or your new home and its orientation, the number of your home’s windows and their locations, the level of evaluating insulation your home will be equipped with, the local climate, etc. Ultimately, this helps your contractor to determine your home’s precise heating, cooling and dehumidification needs.

Once Manual J calculations are complete, a contractor should consider your ductwork through Manual D. Here, the heat gains and losses from each room (determined through Manual J) are considered when designing the supply and return network of your air ducts. This ensures that heated or conditioned air can flow properly through the system, allowing for even household temperatures.

Are Manuals J and D enforced by law?

Although most building codes require Manuals J and D in construction, be sure to confirm this with your city planner. Always ask your contractor which load calculating tools they are using, and request copies of their worksheets to verify accuracy. If you’d like, you can obtain samples of sizing worksheets from the ACCA website as a frame of reference.

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